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probabilistic logic programming language for statistical modeling


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This is a software package of PRISM version 2.3, a logic-based programming system for statistical modeling, which is built on top of B-Prolog ( Since version 2.0, the source code of the PRISM part is included in the released package. Please use PRISM based on the agreement described in LICENSE and LICENSE.src.

  • LICENSE ... license agreement of PRISM
  • LICENSE.src ... additional license agreement on the source code of PRISM
  • bin/ ... executables
  • doc/ ... documents
  • src/ ... source code
  • exs/ ... example programs

For the files under each directory, please read the README file in the directory. For the papers or additional information on PRISM, please visit .


1. Download pre-build package from release page:

If you want to install the latest development version package pre-built with the latest version of ubuntu (the latest version from github is automatically built), you can install it with the following command.

wget ""

2. Extract binaries and sample programs.

If you downloaded a different release version, please change the file name and unzip it in the same way.

tar xvf

3. Setting the proper environmental variable:

export PATH=<current directory>/prism/bin:${PATH}

4. Try!

$ prism

Press Ctrl+D to quit the interactive mode.

PyPRISM: Python interface

PyPRISM is a Python interface to PRISM.

Please see:

T-PRISM: Tensorized-PRISM (Pre-release)

T-PRISM is a new logic programming language based on tensor embeddings. Our embedding scheme, named tensorized semantics, is a modification of the distribution semantics in PRISM, one of the state-of-the-art probabilistic logic programming languages, by replacing distribution functions with multidimensional arrays.


API Documents:

  title={A tensorized logic programming language for large-scale data},
  author={Kojima, Ryosuke and Sato, Taisuke},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1901.08548},


Requirements: PRISM, python(Recommendation: Anaconda) and Pytorch.

Please Install T-PRISM by the following command:

pip install "git+"

Please see the details in T-PRISM manual.