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An openFrameworks addon for the Azure Kinect.
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ofxAddon that allows you to use Azure Kinect in openFrameworks.

  • Get depth, color, depth to world, and color in depth frames as ofPixels or ofTexture.
  • Get point cloud VBO with texture coordinates in depth space.
  • More coming soon... (undistort that crazy fisheye frame, read IMU values, sync between multi-devices, etc.)


  • Install the Azure Kinect Sensor SDK.

  • Add an environment variable for AZUREKINECT_SDK and set it to the installation path. The default on Windows is C:\Program Files\Azure Kinect SDK v1.1.0\sdk\.

    Environment Variables

  • Add the path to the SDK bin folder to the PATH variable. The default on Windows is %AZUREKINECT_SDK%\windows-desktop\amd64\release\bin.


  • Clone this repository in your openFrameworks addons folder.

  • You can then use the OF Project Generator to generate projects with the appropriate headers and libraries included. ✌️


  • Tested on openFrameworks 0.10.x / Windows 10 / Visual Studio 2017.


  • example-streams demonstrates how to get depth, color, infrared textures from the device.
  • example-pointCloud demonstrates how to draw the basic point cloud VBO from the device.
  • example-shader demonstrates how to reconstruct a point cloud using LUTs in a shader.
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