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Example producer that sends a single message and exits.
You can use `` to receive the message sent.
from kombu import BrokerConnection, Exchange, Queue, Producer
#: By default messages sent to exchanges are persistent (delivery_mode=2),
#: and queues and exchanges are durable.
exchange = Exchange("kombu_demo", type="direct")
queue = Queue("kombu_demo", exchange, routing_key="kombu_demo")
#: Create connection and channel.
#: If hostname, userid, password and virtual_host is not specified
#: the values below are the default, but listed here so it can
#: be easily changed.
connection = BrokerConnection(hostname="localhost",
channel =
#: Producers are used to publish messages.
#: Routing keys can also be specifed as an argument to `publish`.
producer = Producer(channel, exchange, routing_key="kombu_demo")
#: Publish the message using the json serializer (which is the default),
#: and zlib compression. The kombu consumer will automatically detect
#: encoding, serializiation and compression used and decode accordingly.
producer.publish({"hello": "world"}, serializer="json",