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VM Helpers

This is a set of helper script to make using Nimbus with non-cumulus staging methods easier. The idea is that you use them alongside your standard Nimbus Cloud Client tools.


The easiest way to install the helpers is to simply get the pre-bundled Nimbus Cloud Client, which includes the helpers. Install this as you would any other Cloud Client installation. This is available at:


This package includes three scripts which you might use. Here is an example how you might use them. It assumes you've added the cloud client bin directory to your path.

$ vm-run -c -i -m 1024
Workspace created: id 222
      Association: private
       IP address:
         Hostname: examplevm01

       Start time: Thu Feb 10 15:53:01 PST 2011
         Duration: 500 minutes.
    Shutdown time: Fri Feb 11 00:13:01 PST 2011
 Termination time: Fri Feb 11 00:15:01 PST 2011

Wrote EPR to "./nimbus.1297381979.epr"

Waiting for updates.
"" state change: Unstaged --> Unpropagated
"" state change: Unpropagated --> Propagated
"" state change: Propagated --> Running
"" reached target state: Running

$ vm-list
Querying for ALL instances.

[*] - Workspace #222. [ examplevm01 ]
      State: Running
      Duration: 500 minutes.
      Start time: Thu Feb 10 15:53:01 PST 2011
      Shutdown time: Fri Feb 11 00:13:01 PST 2011
      Termination time: Fri Feb 11 00:15:01 PST 2011
      No matching handle found in history directory.

$ vm-kill 222
Sleeping 8 seconds to wait for shutdown

Destroying workspace 222 @ ""... destroyed.

Manual Install

To install the helpers to your prexisting Cloud client install, copy the vm-* scripts from this source directory to the bin directory of your cloud client install, and mark the command in lib as executable. (chmod +x

Manually Bundling the Helpers and Cloud Client

To bundle Cloud Client with these VM helpers, simply run the bundle script in the extras directory like: $ ./extras/bundle

This will create a tarball with cloud client and the helpers bundled together.