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Immaculate: Free Portfolio Website Template

Immaculate is a modern, beautiful and Clean One Page Portfolio Website Template with a refreshing layout. It is also fast loading, cross browser compatible and is built to suit all kinds of businesses as well as personal needs. The template is made using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and has web fonts, shortcodes, Flickr Image Slider along with working Ajax contact form and a lot more. You are free to use it for your personal as well as commercial projects. It is released under New BSD License, read more about it at

Release Page at

Using Slider

Zurb’s Orbit slider is being used for the image slider, the images are fetched from a flickr username. To change the flickr id, open functions.php and replace 33871992@NO7 with your desired username . You can do a lot more with the flickr plugin, read about it here:

Using Shortcodes


Using a shortcode is really easy, just use the HTML code where ever you want to use them, customize it, and it's done.

The HTML shortcode for a normal box is

<div class="box normal rounded full">

You can remove the rounded if you prefer square boxes. Similarly, you can remove the full if you don't want full border.

For different box types, replace normal with your desired type, possible choices are normal, info, tick, note, download, alert.

Colored Buttons

For using buttons, use the HTML syntax

<a href="#" class="-button red"><span class="-">Button<span><a>

Where "Button" is the button text which you will like to display, and replace red with your desired button color type, possible options are silver, red, orange, green, aqua, teal, purple, pink. If you don't specify any color, then default blue button will be displayed.

Icons Buttons

Using Icons Buttons is very much same as using colored buttons, use the HTML syntax

<a href="#" class="-button silver" ><span class="-

and specify the button color like above, and change the search with desired button icon, possible choices are search, stats, alert, tick, info, note, author, mail, notice, paper, people, download.

Customizing Gallery

Fancybox has been used for galleries, for help with it, head over to

Customizing Contact

A working PHP Ajax Contact Form is already in place, just replace your email id with and Your Name with your name in process.php.


The template uses the font ”Open Sans” by Steve Matteson and ”Bebas Neue” by Dharma Type.