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Redux Saga for Network Status
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Redux Saga for Network Status

A simple redux-saga solution for Network Status using the NetInfo api of react-native. This module provides a "saga" which can then be used for modeling asynchronous behavior.

Getting Started


$ npm i react-native-network-status-saga --save

Basic Usage

In your app's main saga, import the module and Spawn/fork it.

import networkStatusSaga from "react-native-network-status-saga";
yield spawn(networkStatusSaga);

Advanced Usage

Using your custom action name

yield spawn(networkStatusSaga, {

Using delay by either action or interval

yield spawn(networkStatusSaga, {
  delayByInterval: 10 * 60,
  delayByAction: "APP_STARTED"


Prop Default Type Description
syncAction CONNECTION_STATUS string Custom action name to sync the network change values
delayByInterval 0 number Custom Delay Interval (in seconds))
delayByAction null string Custom Delay Action



Feel free to contact me or create an issue

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