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Social Sharing Buttons - do not track

Social Sharing plugin for WordPress - Simple sharing buttons without tracking

When you add or embed standard sharing buttons using the normal embedding scripts from the popular social networks, it includes a tracking feature, so no matter if people uses the sharing button they are still tracked. And if you look for sharing button plugins for WordPress it is a typical feature to have data collection for usage and behavioural statistics build into the plugin.

To avoid the data collection from third parties Privacore created a simple plugin for the Privacore website to get sharing icons for twitter, Facebook and Linked in on the posts.

The plugin makes it possible to add meta data for sharing by adding a field group on pages and posts

Define image to be used
Set individual title/description for pages/posts and each sharing button
Add txt field for twitter title Add txt field for linked in title
Add txt field for facebook title

Step by step installation (manually via wp admin)

  • Download the github hub as .zip
  • Go to your WP admin - /wp-admin/plugin-install.php
  • Click "upload plugin" (at the top of the page)
  • Upload .zip file
  • and that should be it.

How does Sharebuttons work

Take a look in the wiki

Can I see the plugin used?

Yes, you can visit a blog post on to see the buttons in action.


Social Share buttons for WordPress - Simple with no tracking





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