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New proposals in the Privacy Community Group
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Privacy Community Group Proposals

This repository is where the Privacy CG discusses proposals that have not yet been taken up as work items.

Proposal workflow

How do I propose something?

  1. Join the group. Before making a proposal, please join the CG. This is to ensure that all contributions to our work are covered by the W3C Community Contributor License Agreement (CLA).
  2. State your problem and make a rough proposal. File a new issue in which you state the problem you’re trying to address and how you propose to address it. This can be a very rough idea, or something quite a bit more fleshed out. Please be explicit about your requirements, use cases, and rationale.

What happens next?

  1. Evaluation and refinement. As a community, we’ll discuss your proposal in the issue you raise. If there’s sufficient enthusiasm, the chairs may ask you to write up and iterate on an explainer. The chairs will help you spin up a repository for your explainer (and, eventually, your spec) to live in.
  2. Adoption as a work item. When your proposal is sufficiently fleshed out and there are multiple implementers in support of the idea, we may formally adopt your proposal as a work item. This is when the group starts to work on a spec in parallel to the explainer.


  1. Editing and iteration. The group will iterate on the spec and explainer. We’ll discuss the idea, raise issues on it, hammer out the details, and consider feedback from any implementers who prototype the feature.
  2. Migration to the standards track. When the work item is ready for standardization, we’ll migrate it from the CG to the most appropriate standards body (e.g. WebAppSec, the WHATWG or elsewhere).

Resources for editors

When we spin up a repository in which you can work on an explainer and spec, we'll use our template repository as a starting base.

Code of Conduct

As a W3C Community Group, all work and communication within the Privacy CG is covered by the W3C Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

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