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Version 2.23.2, 2018-09-07
* Fix problem with empty username (#1227)
Version 2.23.1, 2018-09-06
* Fix PassOnNoUser in combination with event handler (#1206)
* Fix loading of Event handler detail view (#1210)
* Fix Challenge-Response login at Web UI (#1216)
* Fix triggerchallenge to only use active tokens (#1217)
* Write all installed package to diagnostics file and
also write the resolver config in privacyidea-diag
Version 2.23, 2018-08-29
* Add periodic tasks including a privacyidea-cron script. (#992)
* Add task module "Simple Stats" to generate time series of certain
important statistics values in privacyIDEA (#1105)
* Add task module "Event Counter" that allows to create time series of
any arbitrary event. (#1029)
* New token type: TAN list, that can also import a prefefined
list of TANs (#1057)
* Add Event Handler Pre-Handling, that e.g. allows for
even more easy token enrollment concepts (#747)
* Improve performance by adding SQL pooling for SQL Audit
and SQL Resolvers. (#1167, #1140)
* Improve SQL Resolver to also verify bcrypt-hash passwords (#1172)
* Allow multiple WHERE conditions in SQL Resolver (#1039)
* Allow objectGUID as loginname in LDAP resolver for better
ownCloud support (#1076)
* Add command in pi-manage to dump audit log information (#1120)
* Add script to allow generation of AES keys on HSM (#1159)
* Improve recovery mechanism from a lost HSM connection (#1069)
* Improve Debug Logging to hide passwords in SQL connect strings (#1162)
* Add script for easy privacyIDEA standalone setup (#1093)
* ldap3, pyasn1, croniter updated in Ubuntu Launchpad repo (#1085)
* Add a script that easily gathers support and diagnostic information (#829)
* Add event handler management to pi-manage (#1119)
* Allow to customize the challenge text for challenge response tokens (#1096)
* Add user information to OATH CSV token import file (#998)
* Improve migration scripts from LinOTP to also update counter values (#1075)
* Add priority to policies to avoid contradicting policies (#1031)
* The token event handler now can delete tokeninfo (#988)
* Make the import of OATH CSV token specific, so that each
tokentype can define its own import strategy (#1066)
* The Event Counter module now allows to decrease the counter (#991)
* Allow time deltas to also contain seconds (#1033)
* Allow to use unicode passwords with non-ascii characters for the
connect string in SQL Resolvers (#1181)
* Fix problem that a wrong password hash was used, if user is created
in SQL Resolver (#1114)
* Fix performance issue with slow token listing (#1123)
* Fix the QR code regeneration if the user already has the maximum number
of allowed tokens (#1153)
* Fix problem with privacyidea-pip-update in case of pip version 10 (#1128)
* Fix problem if max_token_per_user was higher than 9 (#1117)
* Fix hash algorithm in QR Code (#1088)
* Set focus in username field in the login dialog (#205)
* Fix disappearing scrollbar issue (#1020)
* Fix import of SHA256 tokens (#1061)
* Convert string values to unicode in the database model to
avoid misleading "error" messages (#1000)
* Fix truncation of audit log in case of authentication failure (#1034)
* Shorten audit information to fit into the database column (#1037)
* Fix the RADIUS configuration test (#1042)
Version 2.22.1, 2018-04-20
Fixes in WebUI:
* Allow to display the messages of several C/R tokens (#995, #1004)
* Use ng-if instead of ng-show to avoid errors in the javascript console (#963)
* Remove reference to not-used system.addons.js to avoid errors in the javascript console
* Remove reference to not-used system.addons.html to avoid errors in the javascript console
* Use ng-src instead of src to avoid errors in the javascript console
* Avoid request to /false is image is not existing - avoid error in the javascript console
* Fix handling of U2F token in the WebUI login
* Require serial number in the assignment form (#1011)
* Fix PIN comparison in token enroll and token assign (#1010)
* Fix the empty username in token enroll or assign (#918)
Fixes in Server:
* Add check for serial number present (#1011)
* Fix validation of OCRA and TiQR token (#1008)
* Add retry to cope with HSM issues (#1003)
* Fix unicode in resolverconf database table with Oracle (#999)
Version 2.22, 2018-03-27
* Add automatic offline refill for Offline OTP tokens (#839)
* Return realm and resolver of the user and allow mapping
group membership to the RADIUS protocol (#896)
* Add new tokenkind (hardware, software, virtual) for all tokens (#828)
* Support Vasco tokens via Import and via Web Enrollment (#904, #903, #891)
* Add arbitrary tokeninfo field to authorization policy (#873)
* New SMPP SMS provider (#878)
* New event handler Counter for counting events for statistics and monitoring (#951)
* Enhance the statistics possibilities in WebUI (#950)
* Allow reencryption of the database by importing PSKC to
a new database (#940)
* Allow token janitor to export "PW" token type to PSKC (#942)
* Also export and import the counter values of HOTP/TOTP to PSKC (#943)
* SMS token can dynamically read phone number from user source (#932)
* Email token can dynamically read email address from user source (#932)
* Add policy to ignore the validity of a U2F attestation certificate (#926)
* Improve the speed of the LinOTP migration script to cope with tens of
thousands of tokens (#914)
* pi-manage can create API tokens with a chosen validity time (#931)
* Allow user to set token description for HOTP and TOTP tokens
during enrollment (#928) (Thanks to Taylor Chase for this contribution!)
* Add timeout to SMTP server configuration (#919)
* Allow complex email templates for email tokens (#684)
* LDAP resolver now supports arbitrary multivalue attributes (#881)
* Allow Event Handler to match failing authentication (#971)
* Several fixes in LDAP resolver to cope with ldap3/pyasn1 version issues and
other issues (#911, #980, #982, #887)
* Skip misguiding LDAP error "AttributeError NonType" in log file (#948)
* Add missing validity time in /validate/check response for email tokens (#946)
(Thanks to Kleber Rocha/klinux for this contribution!)
* Fix the handling of the SMS expiration date (#937)
* Fix serial length in the audit table to match the serial length in the token table (#929)
(Thanks to Salvo Rapisarda for this contribution!)
* Fix Mail content sent by email token is rendered as attachment (#915)
* Fix Editing SMTP Server definition clears the password (#923)
* Fix pi-manage backup crash (Thanks to Pavol Ipoth for this contribution!)
Version 2.21.4, 2018-01-24
* HTTP Timeout of HTTP SMS Gateway (#889)
* Remove console.log from webui
Version 2.21.1, 2018-01-09
* Allow to use TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 for LDAP Resolver (#876)
Version 2.21, 2017-12-20
* Allow export of tokens to PKSC file (#790)
* Implement two-step enrollment of HOTP/TOTP tokens (#797, #863, #865, #866)
* Allow WebUI customization via policies (#795)
* Add script to decrypt safeword tokens
* Allow using tags in the tokenissuer of smartphone tokens
* Try to re-establish lost HSM connections (#787)
* Allow to rotate audit log based on multiple conditions (#780, #833)
* Add dry-run option to audit log rotation (#801)
* Allow dots in realm names (#808)
* Mark empty but required fields in WebUI (#810)
* Display success information after PIN is set (#822)
* Add further tags to the user notification event handler (#824)
* Add number of users to the subscription view (#800)
* Add HTTP/HTTPS proxy settings to HTTP SMS Provider (#835)
* Federation Handler allows to forward the authorization token (#838)
* Use token janitor to export a user list (#852)
* Use HSM for random key generation if possible (#783)
* HTTP SMS Provider now takes TIMEOUT parameter into account
* Allow to configure length of generated serial numbers (#583)
* Fix handling of only_realm option in token event handler (#809)
* Fix scrollbar issues in WebUI (#806, #823)
* Fix OTP counter of offline token (#840)
* Fix conflicts between check_tokentype and passthru policies (#846)
* Properly reset tab tile after session has been locked (#850)
* Fix handling of fixed key size during enrollment (#820)
* Make sure that only active policies are honored (#825)
* Fix various bugs with non-ASCII data (#754)
* Fix failcounter_clear_timeout (#831)
* Only remove apache host definitions on first installation (#834)
Version 2.20.1, 2017-10-30
* /token/init allows to pass otpkey AND genkey=false (#793)
* Cast date to string, to fix audit search for postgresql (#786)
* Optimize the LDAP Resolver Redundancy to avoid LdapServerPoolExhaustedErrors (#802)
* Preset default realm in token enrollment (#804)
* Fix PassOnNoUser and PassOnNoToken (#798)
* Fix genkey=0 error during token enrollment (#793)
Version 2.20, 2017-09-27
* New Token-Type OCRA and DisplayTAN to support
transaction signing for online banking (#767)
* Federation Handler allows to forward authentication
requests and other REST API requests to a child
privacyIDEA system (#711)
* Improved Subscription Handling
* Allow to login with multiple loginnames (#713)
* Authentication Cache policy (#729)
* !!!NOTE!!! following policies now also honor the resolvers,
which they did not previously:
(AUTH, challenge_response), (AUTH, otppin),
(AUTHZ, auth_max_success), (AUTHZ, auth_max_fail),
(AUTHZ, last_auth), (WEBUI, login_mode),
(ENROLL,losttoken_pw_contents), (ENROLL,losttoken_validity),
(ENROLL, losttoken_pw_len) (#736)
* User can regenerate the QR Code during enrollment
of smartphone app (#766)
* Administrator can define remote privacyIDEA servers
centrally (#711)
* Events can now be ordered. This is important for the
federation handling (#711)
* Specify the hash algorithm that is used to save
SQL users passwords (#745)
* Add welcome dialog for administrator (#716)
* Allow creating oracle DB (#752)
* Event Handler can use timestamps and time offsets in
conditions (#741)
* Use challenge/response token to unlock the screen of
the web UI (#702)
* Support multiple challenge/response token at the same
time (#722)
* GPG keys are generated during package installation and
show the GPG key in the import dialog (#742)
* Failcounter clearing timeout in UI (#719)
* Allow to send challenge data (like banking transaction) in
email text and SMS text.
* Set default loglevel from DEBUG to INFO (#765)
* Fixed PIN logging, which could lead to exceptions
* Fixed unicode handling in log messages
* Make LDAP Resolver work with utf8 (#738)
* User can only choose hash algo according to policy (#723)
* Add time period 30/60s to rollout URI (#744)
* Fix deprecation warning for flask_migrate (#734)
* Allow multiple tries for challenge/response (#708)
* Fix problem with certificate serial number (#737)
Version 2.19.1, 2017-07-02
* Add "pi-manage policy load" and "pi-manage policy export". (#721)
* Allow customization via pi.cfg file.
* Add {username} and {realm} as tags for the tokenhandler. (#735)
* Fix pi-manage file permission for backup
* Fix search for resolver in audit log
* Allow to read old legacy time from validity period
* Fix wrong enddate with lost_token
* Fix typos
* Improve documentation for yubikey
* Improve documentation for cache decorator
* Improve documentation for webui policy
Version 2.19, 2017-05-25
* Add generic User Cache to speed up authentication (#670, #683)
* Support multiple challenge-response tokens with the same PIN (#654)
* Restrict U2F registration based on assertion certificte (#648)
* Restrict authentication with U2F devices based on assertion
certificate (#648)
* Add privacyidea-token-janitor script, that can clean orpaned or
expired tokens (#692)
* Add API for mutual key generation during enrollment for easy
Smartphone App development by introducing a generic
2-step-rollout process (#627)
* Add /validate/radiuscheck which works with rlm_rest and only uses
HTTP return codes. (#703)
* Allow to unset token validity period and other tokeninfo
fields (#691)
* Add a quick-resolver test for LDAP resolvers (#688)
* Add additional tokeninfo tags {client_ip}, {ua_browser},
{ua_string} in token handler (#687)
* Allow to set decription of U2F tokens during enrollment (#685)
* Reduce the number of LDAP requests to increase authentication
performance (#664, #655, #650)
* Realm administrator is only allowed to see actions on this allowed
user realms (#663)
* Add audit rotation to pi-manage (#657)
* Speed up Audit Log calls by adding a second index (#656)
* Allow to either lock und logout the UI after timeout (#653)
* Allow string format {user}, {realm}, {serial}, {surname} in
tokenlabel policy (#646)
* Move to a consistent time format for validity period and all other
user specific times also containing the timezone (#644)
* Add TLS certificate check to LDAP machine resolver (#638)
* Make TLS certificate the default option in LDAP resolvers (#639)
* Allow to use privacyIDEA ownCloud App without subscription
file with up to 50 users.
* Fix the datepicker for the token validity period (#644 / #693)
* Fix LDAP resolver to respect all boolean configuration
options (#658)
* Fix serial number in challenge response validation response (#649)
Commits added in version 2.19 by:
(In the order of appearance)
* Cornelius Kölbel
* Quynh Nguyen
* Friedrich Weber
* Quoc Doan
* blinkiz
* Bernd Nicklas
Version 2.18, 2017-03-09
* Allow to disable the WebUI (#605)
* The WebUI will lock the screen after a timeout instead of
logging out the user. This allows to easily continue
configuration work. (#621)
* Improve the creation and handling of local CAs (#630, #632, #633)
Allow certificate template for certificates with different runtime
and x509v3 extensions.
Enhancements in Policies:
* Allow regular expressions in usernames in policies. (#581)
* Improve Policy creation with pi-manage from JSON formatted file.
* WebUI: Add action grouping in policies.
* WebUI: Add action filter in policy view.
* Allow token specific PIN policies: The SPASS token can now
have dedicated PIN policies.
* Add PIN policies for administrators during enrollment and
during assignment.
* Add WebUI policy: only search on enter being pressed (#617)
Enhancements in Event Handlers:
* Add token_validity_period condition to event handlers. (#618)
* Add additional options in token handler when creating
SMS, Email or mOTP tokens.
* Allow tokenhandler to set tokeninfo field.
* Allow tokenhandler to set syncwindow.
* Add event handler condition for count_auth_success and
* Add event handler condition for last_auth.
* Improve Audit Log for Event Handler. Each triggered action
will now also create an audit entry. (#609)
* Allow the use of {current_time} in tokenevent handler. (#628)
Enhancements in LDAP Resolver:
* Upgrade dependency to ldap3 version >=2.1.1 to improve LDAP
performance in regards to redundancy and security
* LDAP Resolver: Use get_info in bind requests to avoid querying
of subschema. (#585)
* LDAP Resolver: Support StartTLS over Port 389.
* Simplify LDAP Resolver: Remove username from Attribute Mapping.
* Simplefy LDAP Resolver: Remove reverse filter.
Misc Enhancements:
* Automatically add user's mobile number if tokentype is SMS.
* Add example configuration for GTX messaging SMS gateway.
* Add a script "privacyidea-get-unused-tokens" to find
unused tokens
* WebUI: Add a busy indicator spinner.
* Improve the pi-manage script in regards to backup and restore.
Let you choose whether to backup encryption key or not.
Better handling for individual pathes. (#626, #623)
* LDAP Resolver: Verify SSL Certificate (Security)
* LDAP Resolver: Allow special characters in NTLM password
* LDAP Resolver: Allow searching for users with German umlaut
* Remove the "unsafe" notation in the QR-Code link, so that
a smartphone may import the key during HOTP/TOTP token enrollment
by clicking the link. (#620)
* Use defusexml to avoid XML bombs on token import (Security)
* Replace eval with ast.literal_evel (Security)
* Add missing attributes for U2F tokens in
validate/triggerchallenge API
* Let /validate/triggerchallenge write to audit log.
* Fix mangle policy for users and realms
* Avoid logging of password in check_user_pass in debug level
* Set encrypted PIN on enrollment for certificate tokens (#625)
* Remove unused policy action "motp_webprovision"
* Allow emailtext policy in triggerchallenge API (#642)
Version 2.17, 2016-12-29
* Token Handler. Using the token handler the administrator
can defined actions in response to events, to modify tokens
like deleting, modifying, initilizing... tokens (#532)
* Script Event Handler or Shell Event Handler allows to
trigger an external shell script, if some event occurs. (#536)
* Add additional endpoint to trigger a challenge response
like the sending of an SMS, if the token PIN is not
available (#531)
* Policy Handling to also check for secondary resolvers of
a user. This way a user can authenticate with his primary
resolver but policy will also work for secondary resolvers (#543)
* The event handler conditions also determine a serial number
even if there is no serial number in the request:
If the user from the request only has one token assigned. (#571)
* Allow event definitions to be disabled (#537)
* Allow event to be addressed by a destinct name (#522)
* Improving LDAP performace by addressing different functionality
of ldap3 version 1.x and 2.x. (#549)
* Improve SQL Audit by adding the SQL Audit table to the schema.
Table is not created during HTTP request. (#557)
* Limit audit log entry age. Users may only view audit
log entries up to a certain age. (#541)
* Add checkbox to only display used actions in a policy (#573)
* In event handler: Use serial number of a user's token if the
user has only one token (#571)
* Download a filtered audit log (#539)
* Add missing token serial number to audit log if token is
deletes (#546)
* Fix event handler saving (#551)
* HttpSMSProvider accepts status codes 201 and 202 in addition
to 200 (#562)
* Fix checkbox bug in NOREFERRALS of LDAP resolver (#563)
* Add documentation for SMS provider (#566)
* Remove 301 redirects from WebUI (#576)
Version 2.16, 2016-11-10
* Add HSM support via AES keys (#534)
* Improved Event Handler for flexible notification (#511)
* Signed subscription files for adding and checking
for extra functionality during authentication request (#502)
* Allow additional filter attributes in the Audit Log (#519)
* Show or hide realms in the login dialog via policy (#517)
* Improve UI if admin is not allowed for certain actions (#516, #512)
* Disable OTP PIN during enrollment via policy (#439)
* Allow automatic sending of registration code via email (#514)
* Allow compatibility with ldap3 >= 2.0.7 (#533 #535)
* Fix problem with Notification when no tokenowner is available (#528)
* Fix confusion of client HTTP parameters (#529)
* Fix enabled flag with certain database types (#527)
* Catch error in case of faulty overrideClient definition (#526)
* Truncate Audit lines, that are too long for the DB table (#525)
Version 2.15, 2016-10-06
* Client Overview. Display the type of the requesting
authenticating clients (#489)
* Support for NitroKey OTP mode (admin client)
* Performance enhancements using Caching singletons for
Config, Realm, Resolver and Policies
* Allow configuration of the registration email text (#494)
* Return SAML attributes only in case of successful
authentication (#500)
* Policy "reset_all_user_tokens" allow to reset all
failcounters on successful authentication (#471)
* Client rewrite mapping also checks for
X-Forwarded-For (#395, #495)
* Fixing RemoteUser fails to display WebUI (#499)
* String comparison in HOSTS resolver (#484)
Version 2.14, 2016-08-17
* Import PGP encrypted seed files
* Allow UserNotification for user actions
* Allow UserNotification on validate/check events,
to notify the user on a failed authentication or
a locked token.
* Add thread ID in REST API Response
* Performance improvement: Cache LDAP Requests #473
* Performance improvement: Optimize resolver iteration #474
* Add "Check OTP only" in WebUI
* Improve "get serial by OTP" in WebUI
* Add script to get serial by OTP
* Restrict GET /user for corresponding admins #460
Version 2.13, 2016-06-30
* Allow central definition of SMS gateways
to be used with tokens. #392
* User SMS for User Notificaton Event Handler. #435
* Add PIN change setting for each token. #429
* Force PIN change in web UI. #432
* Performence enhancements
* speed up loading of audit log in web UI.
* avoid double loadin of tokens and audit entries in web UI. #436
* Additional log level (enhanced Debug) to even log passwords in
debug mode.
* Add new logo. #430
* Add quick actions in the token list: reset failcounter,
toggle active. #426
* REST API returns OTP length on successful authentication. #407
* Add intelligent OverrideAuthorizationClient system setting,
that allows defined proxies to reset the client IP. #395
* Display token count in web UI. #437
* Use correct default_tokentype in token enrollment. #427
* Fix HOTP resync problems. #412
Version 2.12, 2016-05-24
* Event Handler Framework #360
* local CA connector can enroll certificates
for users. Users can download PKCS12 file. #383
* Add and edit users in LDAP resolvers #372
* Hardware Security Module support via PKCS11
* Time dependent policies #358
* Policy for web UI enrollment wizard #402
* Realm dropdown box at login screen #400
* Apply user policy settings #390
* Improve QR Code for TOTP token enrollment #384
* Add documentation for enrollment wizard #381
* Improve pi-manage backup to use pymysql #375
* Use X-Forwarded-For HTTP header as client IP #356
* Add meta-package privacyidea-mysql #376
* Adduser honors resolver setting in policy #403
* Add documentation for SPASS token #399
* Hide enrollment link (WebUI) is user can not enroll #398
* Fix getSerial for TOTP tokens #393
* Fix system config checkboxes #378
* Allow a realm to be remove from a token #363
* Improve the date handling in emails #352
* Sending test emails #350
* Authentication with active token not possible if
the user has a disabled token #339
Version 2.11, 2016-03-29
* RADIUS Servers: Allow central definition of RADIUS servers
* RADIUS passthru policy: Authentication requests for users
with no tokens can be forwarded to a specified RADIUS server
* Allow objectGUID in LDAP-Resolver of Active Directory
* Use paged searches in LDAP. LDAP resolver will find all
users in the LDAP directory.
* Allow privacyIDEA instance name to be configured for
the AUDIT log
* Allow special characters in LDAP loginnames and passwords
* Add arbitrary attributes to SAML Authentication response
* Enhance the handling of YUBICO mode yubikeys with the
YUBICO API. The prefix is handled correctly.
* Allow in get_tokens to be filtered for tokeninfo.
* Add paged search in LDAP resolver. This allows responses
with more than 1000 objects.
* Fix SMTP authentication
* Fix Enrollment Wizard for non-default realm users
* Registration process: If an email can not be delivered,
the token is deleted, since it can not be used.
Version 2.10, 2016-02-11
* User Registration: A user may register himself and thus create
his new user account.
* Password Reset: Using a recovery token a user may issue a
password reset without bothering the administrator or the
help desk.
* Enrollment Wizard for easy user token enrollment
* SMTP Servers: Define several system wide SMTP settings and use
these for
* Email token,
* SMTP SMS Provider,
* registration process,
* or password reset.
* Ease the Smartphone App (Google Authenticator) rollout.
Hide otplen, hash, timestep in the UI if a policy is defined.
* Add import of Aladdin/SafeNet XML file.
* Add import of password encrypted PSKC files.
* Add import of key encrypted PSKC files.
* Support LDAP passwords with special non-ascii characters.
* Support LDAP BIND with special non-ascii characters.
* Fix problem with encrypted encryption key.
* Fix upgrading DB Schema for postgresql+psycopg2.
* Fix UI displaying of saved SMS Provider.
* Do not start challenge response with a locked/disabled token.
Version 2.9, 2015-12-21
* New token type: Security questions or questionnaire token.
* New token type: Paper token. OTP values printed on a piece of paper.
* Yubico Validation API: The yubikey tokens can authenticate via
/ttype/yubikey which follows the Yubico Validation Protocol.
* Add Web UI view to display the active challenges.
* The issuer for the Google Authenticator app can be configured.
* The LDAP machine resolver uses an LDAP server pool.
* The LDAP user resolver returns a list of mobile numbers.
* The test email for the email token now has a sent date.
* Fix problem when using encrypted encryption key.
* Fix upper case problem when logging in to web UI
* Fix allow set an empty PIN in the web UI.
* Fix import of token file in Web UI.
Version 2.8, 2015-11-26
* Improve U2F support with trusted facets
* Add Challenge Response and U2F support to SAML
* Add Web UI theming
* Add possibility to use REMOTE_USER for authentication at Web UI
* Fuzzy Authentication: restrict time since last authentication
* Allow mangle policy when fetching ssh keys
* Add realm support to ownCloud plugin
* Support Drupal passwords in SQL resolver
* Add validity period to token enrollment
* Set default enrollment token type in Web UI
* Add scope to LDAP resolver
* Fix failcounter reset for challenge response tokens
* Fix confusing DB errors (column exist) during installation
* Fix email token TLS checkbox saving
* Fix TOTP testing in Web UI
* Fix SMS config loading in Web UI
Version 2.7, 2015-10-03
* Add support for U2F tokens
* Add signature to the API JSON response. Thus
the client can verify the response.
* When importing tokens, a realm can be chosen, so that all imported
tokens are immediately inserted into this realm.
* The user is able to change his password in the WebUI.
* The user can assign a token in the WebUI.
* Avoid the requiring of a PIN for some tokentypes like SSH
* Migrate to pymysql, the pure python mysql implementation
* The Audit Log tells if a previous OTP value was used again.
* Enable login to WebUI with a loginname containing an @ sign.
* Fix the writing of logfile privacyidea.log
Version 2.6, 2015-09-09
* Add OCRA base TiQR token to authenticate by scanning
a QR code.
* Add Challenge Response authentication to Web UI
* Add 4-Eyes token, to enable two man policy. Two tokens
of two users are needed to authenticate.
* "Revoke Token" lets you perform special action on token types.
Tokens can be revoke, meaning they are blocked an can not
be unblocked anymore.
* Add HA information in the documentation.
* Add OpenVPN documentation.
* Add challenge response policy, to define if e.g. HOTP or TOTP are
allowed to be used in challenge response mode.
* Add hotkeys for easier use of Web Ui.
* Remove wrong system wide PassOnNoUser and PassOnNoToken.
* Set default language to "en" in Web UI.
* Fix LDAP bug #179, which allows authentication with
wrong password under certain conditions
* Small fixes in coverage tests
* Fix username in web UI during enrollment
* Fix link to privacyIDEA logo in Web UI
* Fixed bug, that user was not able to resync his own tokens.
Version 2.5, 2015-07-23
* Add statistics
* Add German translation
* Add PinHandler in case of random PIN used
* Add automatic documentation of system setup
* Add ownCloud plugin
* Preset Email and SMS of a user when enrolling token
* Enable LDAP anonymous bind
* Add Hashalgorithms and digits to QR Code
* Add support for CentOS 6 and 7
* Fix registration token
* Fix mOTP reuse problem
Version 2.4, 2015-06-24
* Add User Management
* Add Admin Realms to policies, to allow better policies in bigger setups
* Add API key, that can be used for accessing /validate/check
* Load PSKC Token seed files.
* Add more sophisticated logging. Severe errors via Email
* WebUI: Registrtion token can be enrolled in WebUI
* WebUI: The token seed can be displayed in WebUI after generation
* WebUI: Only the token types that are allowed to be enrolled are displayed
* WebUI: Login_Mode Policy: Disable access to WebUI for certain users
* WebUI: Add reload button in Audit view
* SQLResolver: The Where statement is used in all cases
* SSH-Token Application: Only fetch keys of the requested user
* Apache client can work with several hosts on one machine
* Documentation: Tokentypes and Supported Hardware Tokens
* Improve RADIUS module
* WebUI: Fix download of audit log
* Fix missing access right of user to GET /caconnector
Version 2.3, 2015-05-22
* Add connector to remote Certificate Authority
* Add Tokentype "certificate" to manage certificates for users
Certificates or Certificate Requests can be uploaded.
Certificate Requests (Keypair) can be generated in the browser.
* Add Tokentype "registration" for easier enrollment scenarios.
* Add TokenType "Email" to send OTP via Email.
* Add "First Steps" to online documentation
* Add handling of validity period of token
* Enable download of Audit log as CSV
* Add Resolver Priority, to handle a duplicate user in a realm
* Add TYPO3 Plugin to enable OTP with TYPO3
* Add SCIM Resolver to fetch users from SCIM services
* Fix Failcounter issue
* Fix NTLM password check
* Fix timestep during enrollment
Version 2.2, 2015-04-09
* create resolvers and realms
* manage policies
* Add LostToken UI
* Add Offline Application
* Add PAM authentication module with offline support
* Add getSerialByOTP. You can determine the Token by providing an OTP value.
* Add auth_count_max and auth_success_max for each token.
* Add PIN encryption policy
* Add API for SAML
* Add bash script for ssh key fetching
* Make WebUI logout time configurable via webui policy.
* Add NTLM authentication to the LDAP resolver.
Version 2.1, 2015-03-10
* Add Machine-Application framework to support LUKS and SSH
to manage SSH keys and provide Yubikeys to boot LUKS
encrypted machines. #100, #10
* Add Machine Resolvers for hosts and LDAP/AD #96
* Migrate more policies like SMS policies. #95
* Restructure WebUI code to ease development #97
* Fix logout problem of user #92
* Fix user list for AD (referrals) #99
* Fix max_token_per_user policy #101
Version 2.0, 2015-02-21
* Migrate privacyIDEA to Flask Web framework
* The WebUI was migrated to bootstrap and angularJS
* The database model was restructered to allow an easier handling and
* Use the tool to migrate old data
* provide ubuntu packages for privacyidea base package and
privacyidea-apache2 and privacyidea-nginx
* provide tool to manage the installation and create new admins.
* policies are restructered. Internally the policies now use decorators to
have a minimum code impact. No all policies are migrated, yet.
* OCRA token and Email token is not migrated, yet.
Version 1.5.1, 2015-01-12
* Fix splitting the @-sign to allow users like
Version 1.5, 2014-12-25
* Fix the postinstall script for not broken repoze.who
* adapt the dependency for python webob
* add fix for users in policies.
* Working on #61
* Closing #63, allow upper and lower case DN in LDAP resolver
* Fix the empty result audit search problem
* Fix the port problem with SQL resolver
Version 1.4, 2014-10-06
* Add "wrong password" message on login screen
* Add simplesamlphp module and deb package
* Add helper dialog to easily setup first realm
* Add QR enrollment of mOTP token (Token2)
* Add admin/checkserial policy
* Add help on logon screen
* Fixed the session timeout bug in the management UI
Version 1.3.2, 2014-09-22
* Add uwsgi and nginx configuration
* Add nginx package
* Add meta packages to easily install radius dependencies. (#33)
* Add package for appliance
* Add appliance style: privacyidea-setup-tui
* Add privacyidea-otrs and remove the authmodules from the
core package
* Add first implementation of Token2 token type
* Change depend in builddepend
* Add missing SSL certificate
* Add missing python-dialog dependency
* Remove pylons download link, that caused timeout problems.
Version 1.3, 2014-08-18
* add support for Daplug dongle in keyboard mode
* Allow login with admin@realm, even with RealmBox. (#26)
* inactive tokens will not work with the machine-app
* Added MachineUser database model
* PEP8 beautify
* Add about dialog
* added recommends for mysql and salt
Version 1.2, 2014-07-15
* added application for machines like LUKS and SSH
* send SMS via sipgate
* add RADIUS support
* SQL audit janitor
* improved SMS provider UI
* added possibility to do basic authentication instead of session auth.
Version 1.1, 2014-06-25
* Added documentation and in-UI-context-help.:q
* Fixed the token config to be filled with sensible data, so
that you do not need to configure ALL token types.
* Added script to clean up old audit logs.