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Add more debug information for PIN length

In certain debug scenarios it is important to know the length of
the OTP valu and the OTP Pin.

Closes #1501
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cornelinux committed Mar 14, 2019
1 parent c89c545 commit 10dd6ec0eab35e0ebd2c0cfc47d372d3fec5a8b2
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@@ -1208,12 +1208,17 @@ def split_pin_pass(self, passw, user=None, options=None):
# The database field is always an integer
otplen = self.token.otplen
log.debug("Splitting the an OTP value of length {0!s} from the password.".format(otplen))
if get_prepend_pin():
pin = passw[0:-otplen]
otpval = passw[-otplen:]
log.debug("PIN prepended. PIN length is {0!s}, OTP length is {0!s}.".format(len(pin),
pin = passw[otplen:]
otpval = passw[0:otplen]
log.debug("PIN appended. PIN length is {0!s}, OTP length is {0!s}.".format(len(pin),

return True, pin, otpval

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