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Merge pull request #1351 from privacyidea/1347/client_component_check

Add check for client_component
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fredreichbier committed Jan 2, 2019
2 parents 42a210c + 11291d2 commit 7a7c855472c34b5983f8ad4b30c7a33b77bdf76c
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
check_sha, otrs_sha256, parse_int, check_crypt,
convert_column_to_unicode, censor_connect_string,
truncate_comma_list, check_pin_policy,
get_module_class, decode_base32check)
from datetime import timedelta, datetime
from netaddr import IPAddress, IPNetwork, AddrFormatError
from import tzlocal, tzoffset
@@ -531,3 +531,21 @@ def test_21_get_module_class(self):
# Fails if the package does not exist
with self.assertRaises(ImportError):
get_module_class("privacyidea.lib.auditmodules.doesnotexist", "Aduit")

def test_22_decodebase32check(self):
real_client_componet = "TIXQW4ydvn2aos4cj6ta"
real_payload = "03ab74074b824fa6"

payload1 = decode_base32check(real_client_componet)
self.assertEqual(payload1, real_payload)

# change the client component in the last character!
client_component = "TIXQW4ydvn2aos4cj6tb"
payload2 = decode_base32check(client_component)
# Although the last character of the client component was changed,
# the payload is still the same.
self.assertEqual(payload2, real_payload)

# change the client component in between
client_component = "TIXQW4ydvn2aos4cj6ba"
self.assertRaises(Exception, decode_base32check, client_component)

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