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[DEPRECATED] The CMS that powers the internet's most popular vaporwave magazine.
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Private Suite's official CMS.


Contenu was created out of necessity. We used to use WordPress - the popular CMS that almost half of the internet uses - until one day, the About page disappeared from wp-json and we realized that WordPress was inflexible and too unstable for our developer-oriented needs.

In aurame's words: "It's not WordPress' fault for not working, it's our fault for choosing a CMS made for non-PWA oriented blogs."

Contenu is still a little unstable as it was made in only one month, so if you spot any creepy crawlers, leave us a line in the form of an Issue or a Discord message.

Setting Up

Setting up Contenu is simple! You'll need a recent version of nodejs, git, and 5 minutes!

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Run npm install
  3. Create a prod.conf configuration file
  4. Place that file in the config folder
  5. Run node src/index.js prod
  6. Store the password logged in the first run somewhere safe

Note dev.conf is meant for developers, please don't use it in production.

Configuration Files

Configuration files are written in the ini format.

Note The following code is part of dev.conf, please change the secret, secure, keyPath, and certPath in order to fit your needs.

port = 80 # The port the HTTP server will listen on
secure = true # True if you want an HTTPS server as well

# v Only applies when secure = true v
securePort = 443 # The port the HTTPS server will listen on
keyPath = config/server.key # The HTTPS key's path
certPath = config/server.cert # The HTTPS certificate's path

enabled = true # True if you want the admin panel to be enabled
secret = myJsonWebTokenPassword # The JWT key, change this to a secure password

The Admin Panel

The admin panel can be found at /admin on any Contenu instance. To log in for the first time, go to the /admin login page and enter the following credentials:

  • Username admin
  • Password Password logged on first run

Deleting the admin account is not possible as it will automatically be recreated by the CMS - if non-existent - every time the program starts. I recommend opening the Data tab and changing the admin password to something more memorable or creating a new user altogether.

Templates and Elements

Contenu's two most important components are Templates and Elements. Templates are molds that define child elements' fields. Elements are database entries that contain fields.

Templates can be found in the Data tab while elements can be found in the Elements tab.


Users are elements with non-customizable fields. Users can be added, deleted, and modified in the Data tab.


Users have different available permission levels. The following table describes each permission level and the access that they grant to a user.

Permission Access
Admin Can do anything in the admin panel
Author Currently has the same permissions as an admin
Viewer Cannot access the admin panel

Source Control

The Source Control tab will allow you to clone from a Git repository. Just type in the URL of the repository and the branch or tag that you want to clone from. Then, press the Clone button. The repository will be cloned into the www folder, from which HTML is served.



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