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A Flask based content server for the Privly extensions.


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Privly is a developing set of browser extensions for protecting content wherever it is posted on the internet. It allows users to view content on any website, without the host site being able to read the content. This content server is meant to store content for users with a Privly extension, but it also provides support for extension-less operation using the Privly Applications.

For more information on what Privly is, read about us.

Development Status


For information about our development path, please see the central wiki.

The Privly Flask content server is currently maintained by Garrett Seward, on behalf of the Privly Foundation.

About this Content Server

This server currently supports:

  • All the applications found in the Privly Applications repository.
  • Serialized JSON storage for any text content.

Server API

Read about the API.

Development Server Installation


  • Python 2.X
  • To check what version of Python you are running, type python --version in your terminal
  • Pip
  • Virtualenv

These shell commands step through a standard installation.

# Clone this repository and the privly-applications repository.
# The `--recursive` flag ensures you get the privly-applications
# repository.
git clone --recursive
cd privly-flask

# Create a virtualenv and install requirements
virtualenv env/pyvly
source env/pyvly/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

# You need to setup config. For a development install you should use
# since you will not need to setup MySQL.
vim # or use the editor of your choice on the config 

# Install depedencies and run
python init_db # Creates the database
python seed_db # Seed the database [optional]
python runserver # Starts the server

Testing the Server

From the projects root directory, run:


Managing Users

The seed command (run with python seed_db) will create several users for you in development, including:,, All these accounts have the same password, password.

Testing/Submitting Bugs

If you have discovered a bug, only open a public issue on GitHub if it could not possibly be a security related bug. If the bug affects the security of the system, please report it privately at If it is an urgent issue, please email We will then fix the bug and follow a process of responsible disclosure.

Developer Documentation

Discussion of system concepts and high level processes are found in the central wiki.


Foundation Home
Privly Project Repository List
Development Mailing List
Testing Mailing List
Announcement Mailing List
Central Wiki
Submit a Bug
Production Content Server
Development Content Server
Download Extension


Community [the 'at' sign]

PO Box 79
Corvallis, OR 97339

Contact the Nick "spectralsun" or "smcgregor" on #privly

If you open an issue on this repository, you'll get someone's attention.


A Flask based content server for the Privly extensions.







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