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Privly is a developing set of browser extensions for protecting content wherever it is posted on the internet. This extension allows users to view content on any website, without the host site being able to read the content. For more information on what Privly is, read about us.

Development Status

Deprecated Version

This version will be maintained until Mozilla releases its new extension framework, WebExtenstions.

Build Status

About this Extension

This extension currently supports:

  • Contextual Posting: Posting to any website by right-clicking a form element.
  • Locally stored applications: The Firefox extension runs no remote-code.
    • PlainPost Application: The PlainPost application supports content injection of web pages from any source domain. Note: the injected web pages do not include external media and code.
    • Message Application: The Message application encrypts content with a key unique to the URL. Anyone with access to both the host page and the content server will be able to decrypt the content. Anyone without access to the server will be unable to decrypt the content.
  • Security glyph: Every Firefox extension places a unique security glyph above Privly content when you hover over it.
  • Options Page: The extension has an options page that allows you to select content servers, add to a domain whitelist, and enable/disable the Privly posting button.
  • User-defined Whitelists: Users can add domains to their "whitelist." This means any domain you trust to deliver content will be able to add a layer of privacy on top of your browsing experience.
  • Augmented Browsing Toggle: When you turn off Privly injection, the web page you are viewing will be restored to the un-augmented view.
  • Testing Library: The Jasmine testing library is integrated with the extension.

Testing/Submitting Bugs

Extension integration test cases are found at If you have discovered a bug, only open a public issue on GitHub if it could not possibly be a security related bug. If the bug affects the security of the system, please send an email to reporting the bug. We will then fix the bug and follow a process of responsible disclosure.

There are also unit and Selenium tests, which are found in the privly-application git submodule.

Developer Documentation

Visit the developer guide for in depth development information. You should also read in this directory.




Email: Community [the 'at' sign]

Mail: Privly PO Box 79 Corvallis, OR 97339

IRC: Nicks on #privly --

If you open a bug on this repository, you'll get someone's attention.


A development repo for porting privly-firefox to Jetpack







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