Lindo (original fork of the almighty no-emu by Daniel & Thomas) allows you to play Dofus touch on your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux)
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Lindo allow you to play DofusTouch without android emulator, it's entirely coded in javascript via electron & angular. Lindo is totally corss-platform.

/!\ Dofus Touch is the entire property of Ankama Games, and we are not affiliated in any way with Ankama. None of the files hosted in this repository is under copyright: They come from Open Source projects, libraries, the original DofusTouch No-Emu created by Daniel & Thomas, and our own Team (Lindo). Also, this project is for educational purposes only, we will never make any money from it.

Keep in mind that Lindo doesn't respect the TOU (also known as Conditions Générales d'Utilisation in french) of Dofus Touch, use it at your own risk.

Supported Platform

Lindo No-Emu works on :

  • Windows 7 and newer (ia32/amd64)
  • macOS 10.9 and newer
  • Linux (Debian >= 8, Ubuntu >= 12, Fedora >= 21) (ia32/amd64)

Table of contents





$ apt-get install nodejs
  • macOS
$ brew install nodejs


$ npm install -g gulp

Build Lindo

$ git clone
$ cd lindo-master
$ npm install

Start project in dev mode

Compile electron typescript source and angular source in developpement mode with a watcher :

$ npm run build:dev

Start the project in electron :

$ npm start

Distribution building

If you want to make a release for a specific system you can use this command :


On a windows environment :

$ npm run release:win

On a unix system (require docker)

$ docker-compose up


$ npm run release:linux


Only available on macOS system :

$ npm run release:mac



Lindo is developed with Angular as web framework and uses Material for the UI. It uses electron to be run as an standalone application, wich is based on Node.js and Chromium.

So we have to distinguish 2 contexts :

  • Navigator context -> executed by Chromium (the Angular part)
  • Electron context -> executed by Node.js (it's allow platform interaction)

Navigator context is in the src/folder and Electron context is in the electron/ folder.

The idea is to simulate the environment Dofus Touch to run it on PC, because Dofus Touch is based on Apache Cordova.

How to help ?

You can contact a senior developer of the project as Clover or Prixe. Or you can eventually join our Discord. Then you can create a pull request to add or fix features, you can also submit improvement idea or bug issue in the issues section.

Generate the TOC

If you edit the README.MD you wanna update the table of contents you can easily achieve it by using this command :

$ npm run toc

Structure of the application



Lindo is under GNU GPLv3 read LICENCE


  • Daniel & Thomas for created the original No-Emu
  • Ankama which allows us to increase our competences without legal consequence