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DefaultKeyBindings.dict file (~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBindings.dict) for Mac OS X, created by Brett Terpstra and based heavily on work done by Lri. Please note that these bindings won't work in all applications: TextWrangler and TextMate, for example, override these with their own settings. See Lri's gists and website for more coding madness.

Installation: Copy the DefaultKeyBindings.dict file to the ~/Library/KeyBindings/ directory (create KeyBindings if it doesn't already exist). Any open applications will need to be re-started before the key bindings will take effect -- or log out and log back in.

Documentation (last updated 05/08/2012.)

Grouped items begin with the groups shortcut (if exists), followed by a subgroup (if exists) followed by the keys specified.

General Commands
General Commands
Key Function
^y replace yank: command with yankAndSelect for use with the kill ring ( defaults write -g NSTextKillRingSize -string 6)
^⇧u uppercase word
^⌥u lowercase word
^⇧t titlecase word
^⌥⇧u uppercase current paragraph
^⌥t titlecase paragraph
^w delete word before cursor
⌥w select word
⌥⇧s select entire line/paragraph
⌥s select from beginning of paragrah to last character
^⌥⇧s select paragraph excluding leading/trailing whitespace (same as ^$@\UF701)
⌥d delete line/paragraph
⌥y copy paragraph
⌥x cut paragraph
⌥p paste paragraph below
⌥⇧p paste paragraph above
^⇧a select to beginning of paragraph and copy
^⇧e select to end of paragraph and copy
⌥q cut to beginning of paragraph
⌥k cut to end of paragraph
⌥o blank line after current
⌥⇧o blank line before current
^⌘k move line up
^⌘j move line down
^⌘l indent line
^⌘h outdent line (one tab or char)
^⌘↑ move line up ( same commands but with arrow keys)
^⌘↓ move line down
^⌘→ indent line
^⌘← outdent line (one tab or char)
^⇧⌘← Full outdent - Deletes all leading space of line/paragraph (updated) ( Control-shift-command-left arrow)
^⇧⌘→ Delete trailing space
^⌘⇧↑ Delete leading and trailing whitespace for paragraph
^⌘⇧↓ Select paragraph without leading or trailing whitespace (same as “^~s”)
⌘⌥⇧↑ modify selection up by paragraph (Command Option Shift Up)
⌘⌥⇧↓ modify selection down by paragraph (Command Option Shift Down)
^⌥⇧← modify selection left by word
^⌥⇧→ modify selection right by word
⌘⌥^← Move to first Alphanumeric character of line (new)
⌘⌥← Move to first non-whitespace character of line (new)
⌘⌥⇧← Select to first character of line with leading space (new)
⌥⌘→ Move to last non-whitespace character of paragraph (new)
^⌥→ Move to end of paragraph and delete trailing whitespace (new)
⌘↩ TextMate Command-Return (Command Enter)
⌘⇧↩ Insert blank line above paragraph (Command Shift Enter)
⌥_ hyphenate next space and move to next word ( this will kill non alphanumeric symbols and punctuation, use only on words)
⌥1 bookmark
⌥2 jump to bookmark
⌥⌘↩ Continue a list item with indentation and include the same delimiter ( Command Option Enter)
⇧⇥ remove one tab (or character) from start of line (outdent) ( Shift Tab)
⌘⌥b bold selection (Markdown)
⌘⌥i italicize selection (Markdown)
⌘⌥= increase markdown header level
⌘⌥- decrease markdown header level
^⌥↩ Add hard break for current line and insert newline below (new)
^⌘↩ Break line at cursor and add Markdown hard line break (new)
^< Make selected text into paired HTML tag. Allows attributes, only dupes first word into closing tag (caveat: overwrites your pasteboard)
⌥r repeat character before cursor
⌘⇧⌦ Forward delete to end of paragraph
⌘⇧⌫ Delete to beginning of paragraph
⌘⌥7 Right mouse click (useless, doesn’t maintain cursor position)
Commenting commands
Commenting commands (^⌘c)
^⌘c / comment with “//”
^⌘c \ comment with “#”
^⌘c ! HTML commenting
^⌘c * Css Commenting
Multi-stroke Markdown commands
Multi-stroke Markdown commands (^⌘w)
^⌘w force carriage return in text field
^⌘w force tab in text field
^⌘w \� insert reference link [selection][[cursor]]
^⌘w \� insert reference [selection]: [cursor]
^⌘w + Unordered list item with
^⌘w - Unordered list item with -
^⌘w * Unordered list item with *
^⌘w 8 convert current numbered list item to bullet, handles indentation
^⌘w 1 convert current bullet list item to numbered
Headlines (removes leading whitespace after inserting hashmarks) (h)
^⌘w h 1 #
^⌘w h 2 ##
^⌘w h 3 ###
^⌘w h 4 ####
^⌘w h 5 #####
^⌘w h 6 ######
Markdown link (l)
^⌘w l t create a link for selected text, cursor between () [selected text]([cursor]) ( links without selected text first, these can produce a mess using multiple clipboards make a text selection before you run them)
^⌘w l c create a link for selected text, inserting clipboard as url [[cursor]selected text](clipboard contents)
Link as image (i)
^⌘w i t same as lt, but with image syntax ![selected text]([cursor])
^⌘w i c same as lc, but with image syntax ![selected text](clipboard)
Reference links (:)
^⌘w : t create a reference from selected text
^⌘w : c create a reference from selected text, clipboard as url
HTML commands
HTML commands (^⌘e)
^⌘e = =“[cursor]”
^⌘e e entity &[cursor];
^⌘e / http://
^⌘e t Make previous word into paired HTML tag
HTML Links (a)
^⌘e a t Insert HTML link for selected text, leave cursor in the href with “http://” selected
^⌘e a c Insert HTML link with clipboard as href
HTML Image (i)
^⌘e i t Insert image tag, any selected text is alt text, leave cursor in src attribute
^⌘e i c Insert image tag, clipboard as src, any selected text as alt, leave cursor at beginning of alt attribute
Surround commands
Surround commands (^⌘s)
^⌘s ( wrap () with spaces
^⌘s ) wrap () no spaces
^⌘s \� wrap [] with spaces
^⌘s \� wrap [] no spaces
^⌘s { wrap {} with spaces
^⌘s } wrap {} no spaces
^⌘s < wrap <> with spaces
^⌘s > wrap <> no spaces
^⌘s wrap single quotes
^⌘s ` wrap backticks

This documentation is generated automatically from the comments and commands in the DefaultKeyBinding.dict file. The script document_keybindings.rb is free for use, but it's specifically designed for use with my formatting in the bindings plist (i.e. it's a little finicky).