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A better backspace for Emacs.

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  • Put sackspace.el into your load-path (make compile will give you a byte-compiled version)
  • Load file and run sack/install-in-viper or sack/install-in-emacs.


You can use M-x customize-group sackspace to change the keybindings of sack/install-*.


Backspace : Delete char backwards or delete back Tabstop [1]

C-Backspace : Delete word backwards (you can customize delete function) [1]

Alt-Backspace : Delete char backwards [1]

Shift-Backspace : Delete all whitespace till non-whitespace char is found.

[1] Takes a numeric argument. You can specify how often it will be executed.

Issues with other Packages

Direct: None.


  • Viper

sack/install-in-viper will take care that viper-vi-style-in-minibuffer is nil, but you can circumvent that behavior via sack/force-viper-install. But note that if you do so it is very likely that you face unwanted behavior (like facading the bindings in Ido).

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