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Emacs configuration/init file that tries to fetch everything necessary from ELPA, Marmelade and MELPA on startup.
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An Emacs configuration that integrates around 60 modes (packages). Stock Emacs is not very useful and lacks many convenient commands. Over the years I've discovered many good extensions and added them to this setup. The goal is to keep everything in one file and not as many others to split it over lots of files and directories. Packages are retrieved from the Emacs package repositories on the internet on the first startup.

If you want to know more about how that works, read my blog entry here:

To use this setup please use Emacs 24 or later. Older versions do not work properly.


As the whole setup is just one file the easiest way to use it is like this:

Change to a directory of your choice and clone steckemacs:

cd <my directory>
git clone

And symlink .emacs.el into your home directory:

cd ~
ln -s <path to the directory from above>/.emacs.el

That's it. Then you can run emacs and it should pick up the config, install all the packages and make you happy ;)

Keyboard shortcuts

By using the key-chord mode we can avoid having to type C- or M- all the time. It allows for using keys pressed simultaneously and I'm using it quite often.

When I write fg as a key combo it means you would have to press f and g at the same time.

I only describe my custom key combinations currently. To learn the standard Emacs commands, go through the Tutorial C-h t, use C-S-h or M-x to see/filter the available commands/shortcuts.

Topic Combo Description
General C-c X kill emacs (including the daemon if it is running)
C-S-h show current keyboard shortcuts, allows search too
C-S-l list available packages
C-h C-f go to the definition of the function under cursor
C-h C-v go to the definition of the variable under cursor
Appearance C-c m show/hide menu
C-- decrease the font size
C-= increase the font size
ln show/hide the line numbers
Buffers / Files C-return buffer switcher (helm-mini)
F6 delete the current buffer
F8 switch to the "last" buffer
C-c r revert a buffer to the saved state
sc switch to *scratch* buffer
C-c n copy the full path of the current file to the clipboard
Windows / Frames C-0 previous window
C-9 next window
F2 split window vertically
F3 split window horizontally
F4 delete current window (not the buffer)
F5 only keep the current window and delete all others
F7 switch arrangement of two windows horizontally/vertically
F9 split window and show last buffer, another press hides that window again
C-left shrink window
C-right enlarge window
C-up shrink window horizontally
C-down enlarge window horizontally
M-up move buffer to window above
M-down move buffer to window below
M-left move buffer to left window
M-right move buffer to right window
,. Delete the current frame
Movement / Selections M-i move to next expression
M-o move to previous expression
C-{ select previous "thing"
C-} select next "thing"
C-\ select/exchange previous "thing"
C-] select/exchange next "thing"
C-3 go to last automatically saved position
C-4 go to next automatically saved position
M-2 show all symbols like the one cursor is located at
M-3 previous symbol like the one the cursor is on
M-4 next symbol like the one the cursor is on
i9 toggle automatic identation
C-8 select symbol under cursor, pressing again will smartly expand the region
M-8 narrow the selection again
C-> add cursor downwards (try to get next occurrence if sth. is marked)
C-< add cursor upwards (try to get previous occurrence if sth. is marked)
Elisp Evaluation 90 evaluate list (with visual feedback)
C-c C-c "
C-c C-e evaluate s-expression (with visual feedback)
Completion C-7 Trigger auto-completion explicitly (with fuzzy matching)
Formatting C-c w cleanup whitespace
C-c j join two lines (also mapped to M-^ by default)
ac align expressions, e.g. align all = in 3 lines with assignments
Search / Replace 34 find definitions (functions, headings etc.) in current file
gt google selection / word under cursor (in web browser)
gs google (prompt and search in web browser)
vr search/replace with visual regexp
lo locate (helm)
34 imenu (helm)
M-9 occur (helm)
C-; edit occurences of current word on the fly, press again to exit
Rings M-7 show kill ring (helm)
C-5 show all mark rings (helm)
Project related fr find files in current project
rg grep through current project
ok show occurrences of a string in current project
aw ack through current project
ag ag through current project
C-c g magit status - manual:
C-c l magit log
Tags M-. find tag
M-5 select etag (helm)
M-6 find tag in other window
Code/Spell checking cf toggle code checking (flycheck)
C-c f toggle spell checking (flyspell)
C-c d change dictionary
Shell C-c s open emacs shell
PHP vd insert var_dump around selection
vb insert var_dump + die around selection


I'm using outline-mode to keep emacs.el organized. There's a key map defined with the prefix C-t. Top level headings have one star:

;; * Top Level Heading

And so on:

;; ** Second Level Heading

These commands are defined:

combo description
C-t q Hide everything but the top-level headings
C-t t Hide everything but headings (all body lines)
C-t o Hide other branches
C-t c Hide this entry's body
C-t l Hide body lines in this entry and sub-entries
C-t d Hide everything in this entry and sub-entries
C-t a Show (expand) everything
C-t e Show this heading's body
C-t i Show this heading's immediate child sub-headings
C-t k Show all sub-headings under this heading
C-t s Show (expand) everything in this heading & below
C-t u Up
C-t n Next
C-t p Previous
C-t f Forward - same level
C-t b Backward - same level

So... that's what should make it easier to keep an overview. If you want to help me out improving the config, fork the repo, create a new branch and open up a Pull Request so we can discuss the merge.

Of course you can also just report issues :)

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