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Distributed Downloading

How to run


( Yet to be written )


Download node LTS from

Setup Dependencies

Run npm install inside /server to setup dependencies.


Download MongoDB 3.2+ from and follow the instructions to Setup Database locally

Run Locally

Run mongod to start to primary daemon process for the MongoDB system.

In new Terminal run npm start inside /server to fire up the server, default port is 3000.


Download Route

To initiate downloading send a POST request to localhost:3000/download.

All POST request must have a url and parts field. example :

      url : '',
      parts : '20'

if no error in url link or no internal error then a response as such is sent back

  "__v": 0,
  "name": "somename",
  "ext" : ".ext"
  "partCount": 3,
  "_id": "58c522831a3a1919a103c863",
  "reason": "none",
  "parts": [],
  "createdOn": "2017-03-12T10:27:15.827Z",
  "status": "downloading"

and if some error is occurred then err is return with a status code of 500.

Retrieve route

To initiate downloading parts send a POST request to localhost:3000/retrieve/status.

having a valid _id property that was returned in downloading phase. this _id is key to all new API interactions.


  "_id": "58c52387f4e3e81a0ccaa1cd",
  "name": "somename",
  "ext": ".ext",
  "partCount": 3,
  "__v": 1,
  "reason": "none",
  "createdOn": "2017-03-12T10:31:35.037Z",
  "status": "done"

here status is current downloading status it can be

  1. Downloading
  2. Done
  3. failed

if the status is failed then reason will have a failure reason other then none. *IF AND ONLY IF the status is Done

make a POST request to localhost:3000/retrieve having _id and index keys in it

NOTE : index must be less then partCount

Response will be a Deflate UTF-8 encoded file. So before recombination data need to be inflated.