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Basic Twitter Data Suggestion Mining on any keyword/hashtag.
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📝 Suggestion_Mining_Using_Twitter_Data

Suggestion Mining on any keyword/hashtag passed by user and also this code generates a csv file at last as a report

Dependencies needed to be installed before running this program in your python shell :

    1- tweepy //library to connect twitter api with code
    2- textblob //library with sentimental analysis feature
    3- matplotlib //module used to plot graph
    4- csv //module for csv files
    5- re //module for regular expressions

🌈 Basics ..

This is very basic implementation of Twitter analysis on any string of words also with a low level implementation of tkinter library in python for building its gui part

💡 How to Contribute..

Yes, We do accept Contrbutions. Read

Steps for creating Twitter Api:

💡 Challenge:

if you are reading this file try to combine all the three windows into a single window to display the general results also try to open image in the same section of the window to display the graph(pie chart).😉

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