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SpringMVC - Best Practices

A full-blown, functional, tested Spring 3.2 reference application with JPA persistence, REST Level-3 resources, asynchronous processing, jobs, security, unit, mock, integration, functional, rest client stubs, and performance tests, and many best practices I gathered over several years working in mvc / spring / grails web apps.

How to run

mvn clean package
mvn jetty:run

Best Practices

Domain Modeling

  • Immutable Domain Model with Builder Pattern
  • Jackson JSON Annotations
  • JPA Annotations
  • Unit Tests


  • REST Errors and Exception Resolver
  • HATEOAS (REST Level 3)


  • Transaction Management & Connection Pooling
  • JPA / Hibernate


  • Http ETag management, HTTP Caching & Resource optimistic locking


  • Asynchronous processing: Request-Acknowledge-Poll Pattern (Fork-Join/Future implemention on REST)
  • Jobs


  • Simplified caching using Spring’s new @Cacheable / Eh-Cache


  • Streamlined configuration for web, persistence, rest, spring, and properties


  • Unit Testing (JUnit, Mockito)
  • Integration Testing (Spring Test, MVC Test)

Libraries Used

  • Spring 3.2, JPA 2, Hibernate 4.1
  • JSP, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 2.2
  • H2 db (soon, MongoDb?)
  • JUnit, Mockito, Spring Test, Hamcrest, JsonPath,
  • Google Guava, Joda DateTime, Logback/Slf4j, Jackson Json