Spring apis with Bootstrap (unmaintained)
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Spring Bootstrap Showcase

The unofficial Spring MVC Showcase with Bootstrap.

A fork of Spring MVC Showcase, replacing JQuery-UI with Bootstrap, Tomcat with Jetty, Tiles with Sitemesh and other goodies.

The user-interface in this example is basic and doesn't utilize the full power of Bootstrap and Less. If you're interested in a modern, frontend development with GulpJs and a pure Bootstrap experience, checkout Lesser.


  • Spring 4.1.0 / Bootstrap 3.2 - Master
  • Spring 3.2.5 / Bootstrap 3.0 - Branch 3.X
  • Spring 3.1.0 / Bootstrap 2.3 - Branch 2.X

Live Demo on Heroku.



Build and Run:

    mvn clean install
    mvn jetty:run

Preview at:




I'm no longer active in Java and code primarily in Nodejs and Clojure.

If you're interested in maintaining this repo, including a port of the frontend with Backbone or Angular, please email me.