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The unofficial Spring MVC showcase with Bootstrap

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Spring Bootstrap Showcase

The unofficial Spring MVC Showcase with Bootstrap 3 and 2.

A fork of Spring MVC Showcase, replacing JQuery-UI with Bootstrap versions, Tomcat with embedded Jetty, Tiles with Sitemesh, and other goodies.

For a complex use of Spring/JQuery/Bootstrap/Ajax, see my Spring Best Practices App.

Major Versions used:

  • Spring 3.2.5
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.2 (master)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.x (Branch 2.3)

Live Demo on Heroku (Default is Bootstrap 3)

Build, Run

  1. mvn clean install
  2. mvn jetty:run
  3. http://localhost:8080/spring-mvc-showcase/


  • The original blog
  • A screencast showing the showcase in action
  • The presentation is located in this directory (MasteringSpringMVC3.pdf)
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