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A collection of Health Checks for Umbraco CMS
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This repo is a collection of community written Health Checks for Umbraco CMS.

Please follow the naming of the folders and checks which are in the Umbraco Core Health Checks

Don't forget to do a NuGet restore.

You can login to the website and test the health checks. Here are the login details:

password: 1234567890

This package has been ported over from Umbraco v7 to Umbraco v8. If you are looking for the Umbraco v7 version then switch to the dev/v7 branch

Checks ported to the Umbraco v8 version:

Check Description Id
AzureFcnModeCheck Checks that fcnMode config is appropriate for the Azure platform. EA9619FE-1DF4-4399-A4E5-32F2CF0CDC1F
AzureTempStorageCheck Checks that temp storage config is appropriate for the Azure platform. F9088377-103A-4712-B428-D4AB6E5B2A67
PostProcessorCheck Check if ImageProcessor.Web.PostProcessor is installed CA765D50-85D9-4346-BBC4-8DEEBB7EBAE2
UmbracoPathCheck Checks to see if you have changed the umbraco path. 467EFE42-E37D-47FE-A75F-E2D7D2D98438
AdminUserCheck Check the admin user isn't called 'admin' 42a3a15f-c2f0-48e7-ae5a-1237c5af5e35

The following Umbraco v7 checks were removed from the Umbraco v8 version:

Check Reason
AzureExamineCheck Removed because Examine config has been removed.
AzureLoggingCheck Removed now we have moved to serilog
ExamineRebuildOnStartCheck Removed because Examine config has been removed
Data Integrity
ContentVersionsCheck Removed until we understand how to query the content versions
LorumIpsumCheck Removed until we understand how to search using Examine
XmlSitemapCheck Removed until we understand how to get the httpcontext
HstsCheck Exists in Core
TlsCheck Exists in Core
ClientDependencyVersionCheck Removed because of no current vulnerabilities in Umbraco v8

Suggest Checks

If you would like to suggest checks please raise it as an issue.

Contribute Checks

If you would like to contribute any checks, please either choose one from the existing issues list, or create an issue first and link to it in the PR using a hashtag and the issue number i.e. #1234

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