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Non-Blocking Requests with Uplink

This example details how you can use the same Uplink consumer with different HTTP clients, with an emphasis on performing non-blocking HTTP requests.


Support for twisted and aiohttp are optional features. To enable these extras, you can declare them when installing Uplink with pip:

# Install both clients (requires Python 3.4+)
$ pip install -U uplink[twisted, aiohttp]

# Or, install support for twisted only (requires Python 2.7+):
$ pip install -U uplink[twisted]

# Or, install support for aiohttp only (requires Python 3.4+):
$ pip install -U uplink[aiohttp]

Notably, while twisted features should work on all versions of Python that Uplink supports, the aiohttp library requires Python 3.4 or above.


The example includes three Python scripts:

  • github.py: Defines a GitHub API with two methods:
    • GitHub.get_repos: Gets all public repositories
    • GitHub.get_contributors: Lists contributors for the specified repository.

The other two scripts are functionally identical. They each use the GitHub consumer to fetch contributors for 10 public repositories, concurrently. The only difference between the scripts is the HTTP client used:

  • asyncio_example.py: Uses aiohttp for awaitable responses to be run with an asyncio event loop.
  • twisted_example.py: Uses requests with twisted (inspired by requests-threads) to create Deferred responses.