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Response Deserialization with Marshmallow

Many modern Web APIs deliver content as JSON objects. To abstract away the data source, we often want to convert that JSON into a regular Python object, so that other parts of our code can interact with the resource using well-defined methods and attributes.

This example illustrates how to use Uplink with marshmallow to have your JSON API return Python objects.


Uplink's integration with marshmallow is an optional feature. You can either install marshmallow separately or declare the extra when installing Uplink with pip:

$ pip install -U uplink[marshmallow]


This example includes three files:

  • schemas.py: Defines our schemas for repositories and contributors.
  • github.py: Defines a GitHub API with two methods:
    • GitHub.get_repos: Gets all public repositories. Uses the repository schema to return Repo objects.
    • GitHub.get_contributors: Lists contributors for the specified repository. Uses the contributors schema to return Contributor objects.
  • main.py: Connects all the pieces with an example that prints to the console the contributors for the first 10 public repositories.


Using the async-requests example as a guide, rewrite main.py to make non-blocking requests using either aiohttp or twisted.