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Plugins for the jQuery plotting library Flot.
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Plugins for the jQuery plotting library Flot.

Series Annotations

This plugin allows you to display specific points in a flot data set, instead of displaying all points in a data series. To display a points in a plot, the seriesannotation.js file must be included and an extra boolean field must be added to each data set:

[ [x1, y1, bool], [x2, y2, bool], ... ]


[ [1, 3, false], [2, 14.01, true], [3.5, 3.14, true] ]

Customizing Series Annotations

The following options can be configured for the series annotation plugin:

seriesannotations: {
    dataIndex: number (default of 2)
    color: color (default of #00FFFF)

If a seriesannotations is not defined in the plot options the plugin will fallback to its default configuration values (above). The plugin will use the shape defined in the series' points.symbol option.

dataIndex is the zero-based index of the boolean flag in the dataset.

color is the color of the marking. This can be either an rgb or hex color specification (e.g. rgb(255, 100, 123) or #000000).

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