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An R package to compute relationship matrices for diploid and autotetraploid species
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AGHmatrix is an R package to compute A (pedigree), G (genomic-base), and H (A corrected by G) matrices for diploid and autopolyploid species. It suports any even ploidy.

The following matrices are implemented:

Pedigree-based relationship matrix (A matrix)

Additive Non-Additive
Diploid Henderson (1976) Cockerham (1954)
Polyploid Kerr (2012), Slater (2014)

Molecular-based relationship matrix (G matrix)

Additive Non-Additive
Diploid Yang (2010), VanRaden (2012) Su (2012), Vitezica (2013)
Polyploid Slater (2016), VanRaden (2012) Slater (2016), Endelman (2018)

Combined pedigree and molecular-based relationship matrix (H matrix)

Any Effect
Any Ploidy Munoz (2014), Martini (2018)

An original manuscript about AGHmatrix development and application in autotetraploids is described on Amadeu, R. R., C. Cellon, J. W. Olmstead, A. A. Garcia, M. F. Resende, and P. R. Muñoz, 2016 AGHmatrix: R package to construct relationship matrices for autotetraploid and diploid species: a blueberry example. The Plant Genome 9. doi:10.3835/plantgenome2016.01.0009..

How to install


Within R:


From github (development version)

Within R, you need to install and load the package devtools:


This will allow you to automatically build and install packages from github. If you use Windows, first install Rtools. On a Mac, you will need Xcode (available on the App Store). On Linux, you are good to go.

Then, to install AGHmatrix from github:



You can read the AGHmatrix tutorial going to the vignettes of the installed package, or clicking below. Please, start with the overview, that will guide you through other chapters.

AGHmatrix Tutorial

More about us

Bluberry Breeding & Genomics Lab, University of Florida - USA

Statistical-Genetics Lab, University of Sao Paulo - Brazil


Amadeu, RR, et al., 2016 AGHmatrix: R package to construct relationship matrices for autotetraploid and diploid species: a blueberry example. The Plant Genome 9(4).

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