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Biofeedback based learning system for special students
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A thousand students, a thousand teaching methods. -Chinese Proverb

Aut.learn is an intelligent system for learning.


Smart Learning Plan

Create a structured environment with predictable routines. The daily routine should be the same from day to day, with small changes.

The smart learning system provides consistent assessment between lessons, helping us to monitor the student's grasp on subject matter. A summarized report is generated for each learning session to help monitor student's progress.

Biofeedback-based Aptitude Measurement

Galvanic skin response or skin conductance is a measure of the amount of sweat being excreted by the body. Skin conductance increases with electro-dermal activity, which in turn indicates that the student is confused or having difficulty with the topic. [1]


Feedback is constantly monitored during lessons to make the test taking process less stressful or even prevent anxiety-attacks.

Disability-specific stats

Customize lessons for students with varying disabilities based on preset learning weights.

Real-time learning

The system improves the syllabus and predicts what types of problems a student might face difficulties with based on outcomes of previous learning sessions.

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