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* wax_startWithExtension was removed.
* wax_start's parameters have changed. It now takes the name of the init
script usually "AppDelegate.lua". It also contains a null-terminated list of
extensions. Example below:
wax_start("AppDelegate.lua", luaopen_wax_http);
* Wax doesn't look in WAX_ROOT/data/scripts for Lua files anymore. It now
searches WAX_ROOT/scripts and then searches the app's Bundle path as well.
* Added wax_stdlib.h, this is used in the wax.framework to hold a compiled
version of the wax stdlib. It's just a dummy file otherwise.
* Renamed WAX_ROOT/lib/wax-scripts to WAX_ROOT/lib/stdlib because it was a
more accurate name.
* wax.framework is 100% more awesome. I put a lot of effort into making it
take as little effort as possible to add to a project. More info
* When developing on the device, you no longer need to clean the build to
ensure that the device has the updated files.
* Bug fixes. Mostly dealing with waxClass and inheritance.
* Better C++ compatibility. (via Tawanda Gwena)
* Cross compilation of Lua bytecode files, and the ability to smush all of the
files together. (thanks to Matt Campbell and Jeremy Collins for their help)