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-If you don't want to include the wax source, you can just use Wax.Framework
+To build this framework, you first need to build a 32bit compatible version of Lua. Directions [found here](
-How to add Wax to an exisitng project
+After the 32bit version is installed and accessible via `/usr/bin/env lua` from **WAX_ROOT/tools/framework** run `rake package`. wax.framework should now be in **WAX_ROOT/framework/wax.framework**
-1. Open your project in xcode and drag Wax.framework into the frameworks folder. Make sure you click the "Copy items into destination group's folder" box.
-2. In the Groups & Files Pane, expand the "Targets" section
-3. Right click on your project and select Add > New Build Phase > New Run Script Build Phase
-4. A weird little window will open up that lets you input a script, add this line...
- "$PROJECT_DIR/wax.framework/Resources/"
-5. Open up your AppDelegate file and import the wax header file by
- adding this line...
- #import "wax/wax.h"
-6. In your AppDelegate's *application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:*
- method, add this line.
- wax_start()
- // To add wax with extensions, use this line instead
- // wax_startWithExtensions(luaopen_wax_http, luaopen_wax_json, luaopen_wax_xml, luaopen_wax_filesystem, nil);
-All done, build your app and you will see Lua printed out some code, it will tell you where to keep your scripts
+Documentation on how to use the wax framework can be found here
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ rm -rf "$DESTINATION_SCRIPTS_DIR"
- echo "note: Wax is using compiled scripts!"
+ echo "note: Wax is using compiled Lua scripts."
# This requires that you run a special build of lua. Since snow leopard is 64-bit
# and iOS is 32-bit, luac files compiled on snow leopard won't work on iOS

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