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probablycorey opened this Issue Oct 15, 2009 · 1 comment

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Get BridgeSupport working on the iPhone for structs and enums.



Toward this support, I started working on the integration of SLB lib (
It is aimed at developing wrappers for C++ Classes, Enums and Struct.

In this commit some early work in this direction: nuxlli@436b1f0
I did this to get support TinyXML lib nuxlli@93ba598

Obviously not the best approach, the integration of SLB with Wax is only skin deep, what they use in common is just a pile Lua, with some problems to the side of the SLB, which loses some of its features, the most obvious is the inability to alter the global metatable _G.

I'm working on something more elaborate, with a little more organization and better support for things like extension of the wrapper of lua c++.
Either way is still a small step, I hope to have more news about that soon.

NOTE: Wax makes little use of OO's approach, this is due to the fact that he's done to better integrate the libs in C? Or is it just a question like that?

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