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"rake install" doesn't seem to install the template for XCode 4 #34

rjp opened this Issue · 9 comments

7 participants

rjp Jarvis Badgley Pedro Valentini Patrick Crosby Turki Al-Qusaimi Bruno Aguirre Eiffel Q (Mulder)

After cloning and "rake install", the WAX template doesn't appear in the XCode 4 list of templates.

Jarvis Badgley

Xcode 4 completely changed the template format, the old templates will have to be re-written. :(

Pedro Valentini

the one solution is understand and study all about the xcode new template and create your own template by hand?

Patrick Crosby

One hack to get around this is to create a wax project using XCode 3, then open it in XCode 4. Works fine.

rjp commented

Yeah, the create in XCode 3 -> open in XCode 4 trick worked for me, thanks.

Turki Al-Qusaimi


Any plans to make this work on Xcode 4? any time plan?

Thanks for the sharing this framework.

Bruno Aguirre

Without xcode 3 there is no workaround?

Pedro Valentini

There is a new open-source project that use lua to build applications for android and ios, lets contribute:

Eiffel Q (Mulder)

i wrote a rubygem to generate a blank wax iOS app project, you can check it out , very simple to use ,

$ sudo gem install candle
$ candle blank demo

Open demo.xcodeproj
Build and Run

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