error in wax_sqlite_operations.m ? #44

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there's probably a setting in my build config that i'm missing, but i couldn't for the life of me get wax to build in xcode 4 (i'm on lion, so the only way i'll get 3 to run is virtualized). it was complaining about a c99 issue with this line (154):
wax_copyObject(operationLuaState, L, 1);

commenting it out lets it build, but i'm guessing that i just broke the sqllite engine :)

when i switch to c89, ansi, or even gcc-c99, it also burped up errors.

perhaps there's another switch in the default build settings that i missed? man, i really wish that apple would make xcode 4 templates a bunch easier. i swear that i spend 2 hours trying to find just the right library and build combo to get any framework to compile a hello world these days.

ondev commented Sep 10, 2013

Cant find wax_copyObject's implement, so I think may be not finish the extension about the sqlite.

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