A Bayesian database table for querying the probable implications of data as easily as SQL databases query the data itself. New implementation in http://github.com/probcomp/bayeslite
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This repository contained a previous implementation of BayesDB which has been replaced by the new implementation Bayeslite. For the new repository, visit https://github.com/probcomp/bayeslite. For information about BayesDB in general, visit http://probcomp.csail.mit.edu/bayesdb

BayesDB, a Bayesian database, lets users query the probable implications of their data as easily as a SQL database lets them query the data itself. Using the built-in Bayesian Query Language (BQL), users with no statistics training can solve basic data science problems, such as detecting predictive relationships between variables, inferring missing values, simulating probable observations, and identifying statistically similar database entries.


Apache License, Version 2.0