Demonstration of Probe Dock integration with Protractor launched by Grunt and test written with Jasmine.
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Demo of integration with Probe Dock for Jasmine with Grunt task.


  • Node 0.12+ (with npm, bower and grunt)

Setup and usage

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Run npm install and bower install

  3. If already registered, skip this step. Do the registration on the demo server and create your account. You will receive an email confirmation with a link.

  4. Create the project in your organization on Probe Dock. First, access the projects' page and click on the Add a new project button. You can use the name karma-sandbox for example for both name and display name. You can leave the description empty for the demo.

  5. Once the project is created, you should follow the Getting started guide to setup your project. The guide will invite you to setup your main configuration file and the project configuration file. For this project, you must place the file probedock.yml in <projectRootFolder> folder.

  6. Now, you can run the test with grunt. You will see test results on Probe Dock on the dashboard. You are able to see the result details by clicking on the report line.

  7. Now you can play a bit with the tests. Break some tests and see the results on both interfaces. Play with the probedock: { ... } in the tests. You can also read the documentation of Probe Dock Karma for more details about the probe used to send the test results. You have also several information on the library used by the probe. Finally, you will find the list of probes and libraries on this page: Probe Dock Probes.


  • Fork
  • Create a topic branch - git checkout -b feature
  • Push to your branch - git push origin feature
  • Create a pull request from your branch

Please add a changelog entry with your name for new features and bug fixes.


probedock-demo-grunt-jasmine-protractor is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for the full text.