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This demo project offer a simple Object oriented implementation of a calculator with only the four basic operations. As it is a Java EE application, the operation are logged in a Derby database to offer a persistence layer for the demonstration. A REST API offer the possibility to submit operation to solve and another one to retrieve the logged operations submitted.


  • Java 7+
  • Maven 3.1


  1. Run the application via maven with MAVEN_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=256m mvn clean install in project folder. This will start the embedded Glassfish Server.

Note: The MaxPermSize is to let Maven to run Glassfish Embedded and the demo application.

  1. You will the possibility to send an operation on POST http://localhost:8282/jee-stack/api/calculator. There is an example of a sendable payload:
  "type": "add",
  "left": 2,
  "rightOperation": {
    "type": "sub",
    "left": 10,
    "rightOperation": {
      "type": "mul",
      "leftOperation": {
        "type": "div",
        "left": 15,
        "right": 3
      "right": 4

The result of this operation should be:

  "result": -8

You can see that we have only add, mul, div and sub operations. An operation can be simple integers for left or right or it can be other operation as leftOperation and rightOperation.

  1. You can retrieve the list of all submitted operations by calling GET http://localhost:8282/jee-stack/api/calculator. There is an example of the result retrieved:
    "id": 1,
    "executionDate": 1445416786522,
    "result": -8,
    "operation": "( 2 + ( 10 - ( ( 15 / 3 ) * 4 ) ) )"
  1. So the application is not so complex but already contained:
  • Persistence layer (DAO)
  • Business services layer
  • Converter layer
  • Transfer objects (TO)
  • REST API layer

And nothing is automated tested at this stage.

Note: In this demo, we also re-use another demo. The Probe Dock Demo JUnit. Therefore, the Operation part is already unit tested in this project.

  1. The project probedock-demo-jee-stack-unit will introduce the unit tests.
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