Jasmine (with Grunt.js) probe for Probe Dock.
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Jasmine (Grunt.js) Probe for Probe Dock

Jasmine reporter to publish test results to Probe Dock with Grunt.js.

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This reporter can be used with Jasmine-based Grunt plugins like grunt-protractor-runner. Only Jasmine 1.3 is supported at the moment.

Remark: The Jasmine-based grunt plugins must let you the possibility to add a custom reporter provided by this probe.


  • Node.js 0.10+
  • Jasmine 1.3


Install it as a development dependency along with probedock-grunt:

npm install --save-dev probedock-grunt
npm install --save-dev probedock-grunt-jasmine

If you haven't done so already, set up your Probe Dock configuration file(s). This procedure is described here:

Setup with Protractor

For Protractor, add the reporter to your Protractor configuration:

// Load the Probe Dock reporter.
var ProbeDockReporter = require('probedock-grunt-jasmine');

exports.config = {
  allScriptsTimeout: 11000,

  specs: [

  capabilities: {
    'browserName': 'firefox'

  baseUrl: 'http://example.com',

  // The jasmine framework is required.
  framework: 'jasmine',

  jasmineNodeOpts: {
    defaultTimeoutInterval: 30000

  // Add the Probe Dock reporter to the jasmine environment.
  onPrepare: function() {
    jasmine.getEnv().addReporter(new ProbeDockReporter({

      // custom Probe Dock configuration
      config: {
        project: {
          category: 'Protractor'

Then you also need to add the Probe Dock grunt tasks around your grunt-protractor-runner test task.

For example, in your Gruntfile:

module.exports = function(grunt) {


    // Probe Dock grunt task configuration
    probedockSetup: {
      all: {}

    probedockPublish: {
      all: {}

    // your protractor task configuration
    // (note that the keepAlive option is required to use the Probe Dock tasks)
    protractor: {
      options: {
        configFile: 'test/protractor.conf.js',
        keepAlive: true
      all: {}


  // add the Probe Dock grunt tasks around your task
  grunt.registerTask('test-protractor', ['probedockSetup', 'protractor', 'probedockPublish']);


To track a test with a Probe Dock test key, add this annotation to the test name:

describe("something", function() {
  it("should work @probedock(abcd)", function() {

You may also define a category, tags and tickets for a test like this:

describe("something", function() {
  it("should work @probedock(key=bcde category=Integration tag=user-registration tag=validation ticket=JIRA-1000 ticket=JIRA-1012)", function() {


  • Fork
  • Create a topic branch - git checkout -b feature
  • Push to your branch - git push origin feature
  • Create a pull request from your branch

Please add a changelog entry with your name for new features and bug fixes.


probedock-grunt-jasmine is licensed under the MIT License.