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Java EE Integration Test Framework probe for Probe Dock.


  1. Put the following dependency in your test project pom.xml

Remark: For the ITF setup, go to the readme of the project.

  1. Extends ProbeDockAbstractTestResource in your web test project. You should replace the class which implements the AbstractDefaultTestResource from ITF itself. In fact, you can simply change the extends.
import io.probedock.client.itf.ProbeDockAbstractTestResource;

public class TestEndPoint extends ProbeDockAbstractTestResource {
  private MyTestController myTestController;

  public TestController getController() {
    return myTestController;
  1. Make sure the resource is exposed as standard REST resource. If you use annotations, you can follow the next example present in the demo project

  2. Deploy your application.

  3. To start the tests, you need to do POST request with the following content in the body. In fact, you have the full control of the path where the resource is exposed.

  "filters": [{
    "type": "key",
    "text": "agas"
  }, {
    "type": "tag",
    "text": "feature-a"
  "seed": 123456

Main object

Name Mandatory Description
filters[] No Define a list of filters to run specific tests.
seed No Used to generate the test run order. If not sent, the order is random and the seed will appear in the logs.

Filter object

Name Mandatory Description
type Yes The filter type: *, key, name, fingerprint, tag and ticket are valid values.
text Yes Free text applied to filter type to match tests to run.


  • Java 6+


  • Fork
  • Create a topic branch - git checkout -b feature
  • Push to your branch - git push origin feature
  • Create a pull request from your branch

Please add a changelog entry with your name for new features and bug fixes.


probedock-itf is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for the full text.