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Setting up


Make sure npm is up-to-date:

$ npm update -g npm

This may take a while. Next, run:

$ npm install -g browserify uglifyjs watchify grunt-cli

Next, you need to install jekyll. If installing on a Mac, this can be complicated because MacOS's default Ruby installation is incompatible. Instead, install and use rbenv to set up virtual ruby environments:

$ brew install rbenv
$ rbenv init

Next, add ~/.rbenv/shims to your PATH.

Close and open your terminal window so that rbenv loads. Confirm that it is working with:

$ curl -fsSL | bash

If everything check out, you can now install a new version of Ruby and set it as your global default. For instance:

$ rbenv install 2.5.0
$ rbenv global 2.5.0

If you want to be able to use multiple versions of Ruby on your computer, read the rbenv docs.

Now you can install jekyll:

$ gem install jekyll

Installing packages

The first line below installs some dependencies that aren't available through NPM. The second line installs all the NPM-managed dependencies listed in package.json.

$ brew install pkg-config cairo pango libpng jpeg giflib
$ npm install

If you run into problems on the first step, you may need to update homebrew or some of its dependencies. Try:

$ brew update
$ brew upgrade

Then run npm install again.

Final step

From the root directory:

$ scripts/deploy

Note that you may need to run $scripts/deploy-to-assets, depending on what the file is named.

This updates all dependencies and copies them to the assets folder. Note that there are several custom javascript libraries in assets that are NOT maintained through nmp:

  • box2d.js
  • plinko.js
  • parse-bibtex.js

Running locally

jekyll serve --watch --incremental

style guide

  • put every sentence on its own line.
  • trim leading and trailing whitespace from lines.
  • use ~~~~ norun for non-runnable code blocks.
  • the math delimiter is $$, e.g., $$x + 5$$.
  • make math blocks just by putting a math on its own line, e.g.,
foo bar Bayes Theorem:

$$ P(A \mid B) \propto P(A)P(B \mid A) $$

note that this immediately follows from baz quux
  • as shown above, use \mid for the vertical pipe (| screws up the tex rendering engine)