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A browser-based code editor for WebPPL (requires version 0.9.0 or higher)



<meta charset="UTF-8"> <!-- tell the browser that editor.js contains unicode -->
<script src="webppl.js"></script> <!-- compiled webppl library; get this from -->
<script src="webppl-editor.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="webppl-editor.css">
// find all <pre> elements and set up the editor on them
var preEls ="pre")); { editor.setup(el, {language: 'webppl'}); });

webppl-editor installs these functions in the global namespace:

  • editor.setup(): converts a DOM element into an editor
  • editor.makeResultContainer(): used to insert custom output into the results section of the editor
  • editor.put([key,] object): supports working across multiple code boxes. Stores an object (using an optional key) for use in other code boxes. If no key is specified, you'll get an automatically generated one.
  • editor.get([key]): retrieves the object with key key. When called with no key, returns the entire store.
  • editor.MCMCProgress(): displays a progress bar during MCMC inference (work in progress).
  • print prints an object the results section (works both in WebPPL and vanilla Javascript).

We also ship the editor as editor.ReactComponent.


grunt browserify # makes webppl-editor.js
grunt css        # makes webppl-editor.css
grunt uglify     # makes webppl-editor.min.js
grunt bundle     # = browserify + css
grunt watch-js   # reruns browserify when it detects file changes
grunt watch-css  # reruns css when it detects file changes
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