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Hi there! We're thrilled that you'd like to contribute to this project. Your help is essential for keeping it great.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Want to get more involved with the Probot community? Take a look at our community page!


We'd love you to open issues, if they're relevant to this repository: feature requests, bug reports, questions about our processes, declarations of gratefulness, etc. are all welcome.

In particular, if you have a large PR you want to send our way, it may make sense to open an issue to discuss it with the maintainers first.

We also use the label 'help wanted' to show issues we want help on! If you'd like to get started working in this repository, it'd be best to jump into those issues. View those issues here!

Submitting a pull request

  1. Fork and clone the repository
  2. Configure and install the dependencies: yarn
  3. Create a new branch: git checkout -b my-branch-name
  4. Run the server: yarn watch
  5. Make your changes
  6. Push to your fork and submit a pull request
  7. Pat your self on the back and wait for your pull request to be reviewed and merged.

Here are a few things you can do that will increase the likelihood of your pull request being accepted:

  • Follow the style guide which uses the standard linter.
  • Keep your change as focused as possible. If there are multiple changes you would like to make that are not dependent upon each other, consider submitting them as separate pull requests.
  • Write a good commit message.

Work in Progress pull request are also welcome to get feedback early on, or if there is something blocked you.


Adding your app

You can add your app to the website by creating a new file in _apps/ with this template:

# A human-friendly name of your listing
title: Title of Your app
# A short description of what your app does
description: What your app does
# The slug of your hosted app on GitHub (
slug: Shortened version of app name
# Include a few screenshots that show your app in action
# The GitHub usernames of anyone who authored the app
authors: [ your-username, other-usernames ]
# The repository where the code is located
repository: your-username/your-app
# The address where this app is deployed

Any documentation can go here. Many apps just use their here.

Requirements for apps

  • Performs a useful action through the GitHub API that solves an existing problem for developers
  • Is original: for example, it does something not already done by an existing probot app
  • Has tests
  • Has documentation
  • Is open source
  • Has a license
  • Has a code of conduct
  • Has someone willing to at least minimally maintain them for the near future

The app will then go through a review process before being listed on the website. You can check out the app review process here.


We have one app enabled on this repo:

  • Stale: We use Stale to ensure that conversations here remain relevant. This is for us, the maintainers, so that we don't feel like we've got hundreds of issues to deal with; if you still have an issue, please let us know! We don't want to close issues that are painful for you. Stale just helps us have a bit more breathing space by making sure issues don't pile up forever.

If you're concerned about our apps or feel that they are insensitive in some way, please let us know.