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  • Probot has been rewritten in TypeScript. Overall, you should see no significant difference between 6.2.0 and 7.0.0 and you can continue writing your apps in plain ol' JavaScript if you'd like. Writing Probot apps in TypeScript is still experimental, but if you'd like to help us improve the experience, please check out #512 and open pull requests to improve TypeScript support.

  • Rename robot to app (#542)

  • A lot of documentation improvements, including docs on Environment Configuration

See the blog post for more info about this release.


  • Fix path to GraphQL API when using GitHub Enterprise. Now you can use Probot to make GraphQL requests against your GitHub Enterprise instance (#580)

  • Fix deprecation warning from Octokit.js for response.meta (#550)

Migrating from 6 to 7

If you're using the probot run command, then there should only be one major breaking change for your test suite. createRobot is now a class, Application:

// probot@6.x.x
const { createRobot } = require('probot')
const robot = createRobot()

// probot@7.0.0
const { Application } = require('probot')
const app = new Application()

You can also use app.load(myProbotApp) instead of myProbotApp(robot), which is common in tests.