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Release Notes BPMN-Studio v5.2.0

This changelog only covers the changes between v5.1.2 and v5.2.0.

Also see the changelog of the previous version, v5.1.2.

Major Features

  • Refactor Updating
  • Add Default Sequence Flows Support

Other Features

  • Disable Timer Validation
  • Disable Navigation After Deployment of a Diagram
  • Remove Linux Build
  • Various Bug Fixes

Fixed Issues

  • #1367 Add Progress bar When Downloading Updates
  • #1439 🐛 Automatic Switch to Remote Solution after Deployment
  • #1445 🐛 Copy and Paste Does Sometimes Break the Modeler

Full Changelog

  • 8fc0395 🐛 Disable Timer Validation
  • 4d1866a 🐛 Fix Copy of UserTasks When no Fields are Specified
  • fec2fec 🔥 Remove Linux Build
  • 4066ce0 ♻️ 💄 Fix Naming Inconsistencies
  • 86e47f6 ♻️ Dont Navigate on Deployment of a Diagram
  • c165710 ♻️ Improve Changelog Creation
  • 0f78f46 ♻️ Refactor Updating
  • c882e52 Add Default Sequence Flows Support
  • 0fd7c9c 🔧 Improve E2E Test Log
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