USB adapter for the NES controller
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This project allows you to use an original NES controller with a PC. It uses the Teensy 2.0 USB Joystick functionality to accomplish this. This works great with FCEUX and SuperTux.

The NES controller uses a 4021 8-bit shift register, which is easily interfaced with the Teensy (see the Arduino ShiftIn Tutorial).

NES Controller Connector Pinout

1 |o  \
2 |o  o| 5
3 |o  o| 6
4 |o  o| 7

1. GND
2. CLK
3. Latch
4. Data
5. VCC
6. NC
7. NC

Joystick Button Mapping

NES Controller Joystick/Gamepad
Left 1
Right 2
Down 3
Up 4
Start 5
Select 6
B 7
A 8