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A plugin to enable mathjax on redmine
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Redmine LaTeX MathJax Plugin

This is a simple little plugin which allows mathematical notation to be used within Redmine.


  1. Download archive and extract to #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins (Redmine 2.x) or #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins (Redmine 1.x).
  2. If you downloaded the zipball (, rename the extracted directory to 'redmine_latex_mathjax'
  3. Restart Redmine (e.g. by restarting Apache)

Login to Redmine and go to Administration->Plugins. You should now see 'Redmine LaTeX MathJax', which indicates it is installed. Enjoy!


Anywhere on a wiki page (for example) write for inline formulas (inlineMath):

$\sum_i x_i$

and for block type formulas (displayMath):

$$\sum_i x_i$$

Hit 'Preview' or 'Save' to make the notation show up.


Q: Why do the formulas not show up in PDFs?

A: They do not show up in PDFs that are generated by using the PDF link below the wiki pages. See Closed Issue: Formula will not display in PDF export (

Q: Why do some formulas display incorrectly, or not render at all?

A: Certain characters commonly used in LaTeX formulas may compete with Redmine's text formatting. Since Redmine performs the text formatting on the server side, and this plugin (and MathJax in general) performs LaTeX rendering client side, this is not something that this plugin will attempt to compete with. To correct this issue, however, one can properly escape the offending characters or commands from Redmine's text formatting. For instance, when using markdown text formatting, the circumflex in $a^2$ causes a <sup> tag to be inserted, breaking MathJax formatting. Instead, writing $a\^2$ will give the desired result. Alternatively, textile seems to have very few conflicts. See Closed Issue: Support for Redmine 3.x? (

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