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A plugin to enable mathjax on redmine

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Redmine LaTeX MathJax Plugin


  1. Download archive and extract to /your/path/to/redmine/vendor/plugins/
  2. If you downloaded the zipball (, rename the extracted directory to 'redmine_latex_mathjax'
  3. Restart Redmine (e.g. by restarting Apache)

Login to Redmine and go to Administration->Plugins. You should now see 'Redmine LaTeX MathJax'. Enjoy!


Anywhere on a wiki page write for inline formulas (inlineMath):

$\sum_i x_i$

and for block type formulas (displayMath):

$$\sum_i x_i$$

Hit 'Preview' or 'Save' to let them show up.


Q: Why do the formulas not show up in PDFs?

A: They do not show up in PDFs that are generated by using the PDF link below the wiki pages. See Closed Issue: Formula will not display in PDF export (

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