p5.sound brings the Processing approach to Web Audio and p5.js. Demos:
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p5.sound brings the Processing approach to Web Audio as an addon for p5.js. Functionality includes audio input, playback, manipulation, effects, recording, sequencing, analysis and synthesis. The library is designed to be used in tandem with p5.js.



Interactive documentation at p5js.org/reference/#/libraries/p5.sound

Latest Build

  • Visit http://p5js.org/download/ for the latest official release of p5 with the latest p5.sound included.
  • The sound library here is updated more frequently, and we occasionally offer new releases before p5's release cycle.


Here's a guide to getting started as a contributor.


p5.sound is built with a few modules (Clock, TimelineSignal, and signal math components) from Tone.js, an interactive music framework developed by Yotam Mann.

References and Inspiration