p5.sound brings the Processing approach to Web Audio and p5.js. Demos:
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p5.sound brings the Processing approach to Web Audio as an addon for p5.js. Functionality includes audio input, playback, manipulation, effects, recording, sequencing, analysis and synthesis. The library is designed to be used in tandem with p5.js.


>> p5js.org/learn <-- interactive examples!

>> examples on github


>> interactive documentation

Here is an overview of what p5.sound offers:

  • p5.SoundFile [source / docs]: Load and play sound files, manipulate playback
  • p5.Amplitude [source / docs]: Get the current volume of a sound.
  • p5.AudioIn [source / docs]: Get sound from an input source like a computer mic.
  • p5.FFT [source] [ docs]: Analyze the frequency of sound.
  • p5.Oscillator [source / docs] / p5.Pulse [source / docs]: Waveforms for playback & modulation.
  • p5.Noise [source / docs: White, pink or brown noise generator
  • p5.Env [source / [docs]: Trigger an attack/release envelope, or modulate other parameters
  • p5.Reverb [source / docs]: Add reverb to a sound by specifying duration and decay.
  • p5.Convolver extends p5.Reverb. Simulate the sound of real physical spaces w/ convolution.
  • p5.Filter [source / docs]: Filter the frequency range of a sound.
  • p5.Delay [source / docs]: Stereo delay effect w/ feedback and a lowpass filter.
  • p5.SoundRecorder [ source ]: record sound for playback / save the .wav
  • p5.Phrase, p5.Part, p5.Score [ source ]: Sequence musical patterns (in development).

Latest Version

This version of the library is updated most frequently. A stable version comes with p5.js. Here's the Change Log.


If you have a question, you can email hello@jasonsigal.cc.

If it's a bug that has to do with the library itself, please look through the Issues to see if anyone is working on it already. If not, you can create a new issue.

This is an open source project, we have an exciting to do list, and you are invited to help!

Here's a guide to getting started as a contributor.


Tone.js - p5.sound imports Signal Math and Clock modules directly from this library using require.js. Check it out!

References and Inspiration