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p5 featured - emily xie

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emilyxxie committed Jul 28, 2016
1 parent 87628fa commit f9fb275af39d94f64fe4c07ff68c67dfcc191bfd
@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@

<?php include('header.php'); ?>
<body id="home-page">
<!--<div id="credits">
<em>Magnify</em> by <a target=_blank href=''>Kyle McDonald</a>
<div id="credits">
<em>Connections</em> by <a target=_blank href=''>Emily Xie</a>

<?php include('heading.php'); ?>

<!-- content sections -->
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@

<section id="home">

<!-- <div class='focus_blue'>
<p><a href=''>Call for artists and coders: help us make our community video!</a></p>
</div> -->
@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@

<?php include('end.php'); ?>

<!--<iframe frameBorder='0' id='home-sketch-frame' src='./p5_featured/kylemcdonald_magnify'></iframe>-->
<!-- <div id='home-sketch-frame'></div> -->
<iframe frameBorder='0' id='home-sketch-frame' src='./p5_featured/emily_xie_connections/index.html'></iframe>
<div id='home-sketch-frame'></div>
<!--<script src='./p5_featured/LeslieRuckman_RainbowPixelGrow/sketch.js'></script>-->
<script type='text/javascript'>
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
<!doctype html>
<script src="p5.js"></script>
<script src="sketch.js"></script>
<body style="margin:0">
<div id="contents"></div>

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