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Read about 1.0 release here:

  • adding documentation and diagram for graphics objects
  • Fix issue with trying to draw non-existent strokes
  • add i18n contributor guide
  • add i18next / 18n support for friendly error system messages
  • add i18n contributor guide
  • updating documentation for rotation constants
  • take angleMode into consideration for rotationXYZ
  • fix cylinder and cone uv bug
  • Start counting millis() just before setup() is called
  • Add support for twitter polling
  • Always depthMask when buffer is present
  • Remove background caching and blend when non-standard blendMode
  • Removed legacy printMatrix method
  • Add third argument to position method
  • Remove benchmarking code from the repo
  • Added static method of rem() and its documentation
  • Added support for arrays as argument in math methods
  • added rem() method on p5.Vector
  • Add line-break support to saveStrings function
  • updating reset of 3d primitives to check for stroke before printing warning
  • Remove alpha args from specular/ambientMaterial
  • p5.sound 0.3.12
  • Update issue templates
  • Added disable method for createSelect element
  • Make perPixelLighting the default
  • allow rect() to use just 3 parameters for a square, similar to how ellipse() allows 3 params
  • Fix iOS lighting issues
  • Set webgl default to TRIANGLE_FAN
  • Updated developer_docs in preparation for Developer Docs website
  • Only enable vertexAttribute once, and blending fix
  • Better array equal method
  • Only change blend state in GL when necessary
  • Better background caching
  • adding style guide notes for yuidoc
  • updating code style guide
  • merge p5.dom into core
  • Making alt text field for images
  • add more autoplay error catching logic
  • use autoplay error helper
  • add friendly autoplay error helper
  • use FES for failed manual media play
  • Adding image element to createImg callback
  • Added fract() method to calculation.js