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@outofambit outofambit released this 29 Jun 22:44
· 3748 commits to main since this release

General Changes

Code Changes

  • Added support for UInt32 vertex indices
  • Change p5.Geometry's module/submodule
  • Fixes initialization of user-defined stroke shader
  • Processing keyword changed to p5 on mouse.js
  • Disable codecov comments
  • Fix "Javacript" typo in error message
  • Update GIF disposal handling
  • Update reference.js
  • Add text wrapping function
  • Update browser compatibility info for build process
  • describeElement() regex quick fix

Documentation Changes

  • Removed redundant string "(Optional)" everywhere in the inline documentation
  • Fixes canvas size problem of fract() page in reference section
  • add missing space in arc() docs
  • Add p5.Camera.frustum documentation on reference page
  • norender class added to createCapture documentation
  • Update -- aligned vertical bars
  • Updated Hindi contributor docs
  • Added missing hindi translations to
  • Add fes message
  • Fix copypasta in sample code
  • Add a reference from one dist() the other one and vise-verse.
  • Improve createCamera() example
  • Fix the texture() example
  • Add vertex() variant to documentation
  • Add example for specularMaterial()
  • Update describe() reference
  • Fix typos show up in docs
  • Fix "it's" in translation.json
  • Improve documentation clarity of some of the camera methods
  • Group materials on reference page
  • Added hindi translations for file
  • Added example and decription of params of beginShape()
  • Fixed the documentation for Vector.angleBetween to indicate that it respects angleMode.
  • Adding missing </code></div> in the centerY and centerZ example code
  • Remove extra optional text from docs for describe()
  • Fix typos in descriptions
  • Update Maintainers in Contributor Docs
  • Fixed errors in hindi translation of contributor docs
  • Fixed typo
  • Converted some auto-generated links in the reference documentation to same-document references

New Contributors

😻 New contributors since last release: @Nitin-Rana, @sflanker, @pearmini, @osteele, @code4humanity, @JetStarBlues, @JetStarBlues, @ghalestrilo, @TylersGit, @ageonic, @cryptochap, @christhomson, @DavidWeiss2, @leokamwathi, @davepagurek, @Rahulm2310, @smrnjeet222, @maxthomax

You can find all of our contributors in our ReadMe.